Clay J. Naito, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Structural Engineering
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Current Research:

EIT Demonstration Project and Workshop

NSF: Development of a Blast and Ballistic Resistant Precast Concrete Armored Wall System

NEES-CR: Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris

Inspection Methods & Techniques to Determine Non Visible Corrosion of Prestressing Strands in Concrete Bridge Components

Daniel P. Jenny PCI Fellowship: Analytical Assessment of the Resistance of Precast Strucutres to Blast Effects

Development of a Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Diaphragms

Use of Polyurea for Blast Hardening of Concrete Construction

Estimation of Concrete Respone Under Varying Confinement

Past Research Projects

Performance of Bulb Tees with Self Consolidating Concrete

Evaluation of Bond Mechanics in Prestressed Concrete Applications

FRP Bridge Decks with RC Parapets

Blast Resistance of a Load Bearing Shear Wall Building

Lehigh@NEES Equipment Site

Reserarch Experinece for Undergraduates

Seismic Evaluation of a Three Story WoodFrame Apartment Building with Tuck-Under Parking

Design of RC Bridge Beam-Column Connections

Response of Waffle Slab Building Systems to Seismic Loads

Use of Electrically Isolated Tendons in U.S. Construction

Executive Summary
This workshop provides an overview of the integration of an electrically isolated tendon system in the Coplay-Northampton Bridge. The bridge system is composed of precast pretensioned bulb tee beams that are field spliced and post-tensioned. This is the first application of EIT technology in the United States. The workshop will provide an overview on the use of EIT and provide information on the construction of the system with insight from the precast producer, EIT system supplier, field construction team and others. Following the presentations a visit to the site will be provided to view the system and take sample measurements.

The presentations are provided below.

Organization Team
Clay Naito, Professor, Lehigh University
Reggie Holt, FHWA
Helen Whalen, Undergraduate Research Assistant


  1. Introductions and Overview by Clay Naito PDF

  2. EIT Overview by Reggie Holt - FHWA PDF

  3. Fabricator Experience by Troy Jenkins Northeast Prestressed Products PDF

  4. Coplay Bridge Project Overview by Larry Franko Pennoni PDF

  5. Post Tension Supplier Experience by Shahid Islam DSI PDF

  6. EIT Specification Development by Leon Fourney TxDOT PDF

  7. NDE methods and Long-Term Monitoring by Clay Naito Lehigh U. PDF

  8. DSI Submittal for Coplay Project PDF

  9. SGK Draft Report on EIT PDF

Video of Workshop Presentations from October 2018

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