Clay J. Naito, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Structural Engineering
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Current Research:

NSF: Development of a Blast and Ballistic Resistant Precast Concrete Armored Wall System

NEES-CR: Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris

Inspection Methods & Techniques to Determine Non Visible Corrosion of Prestressing Strands in Concrete Bridge Components

Daniel P. Jenny PCI Fellowship: Analytical Assessment of the Resistance of Precast Strucutres to Blast Effects

Development of a Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Diaphragms

Development of a Welding Procedure Specification for Field Welding of Precast Concrete Connections

Use of Polyurea for Blast Hardening of Concrete Construction

Estimation of Concrete Respone Under Varying Confinement

Evaluation of Bond Mechanics in Prestressed Concrete Applications

Horizontal Shear Capacity of Composite Beams Without Ties

Lateral Resistance of Plywood and Oriented Strand Board Sheathing After Accelerated Weathering

Past Research Projects

Performance of Bulb Tees with Self Consolidating Concrete

FRP Bridge Decks with RC Parapets

Blast Resistance of a Load Bearing Shear Wall Building

Lehigh@NEES Equipment Site

Reserarch Experinece for Undergraduates

Seismic Evaluation of a Three Story WoodFrame Apartment Building with Tuck-Under Parking

Design of RC Bridge Beam-Column Connections

Response of Waffle Slab Building Systems to Seismic Loads

Research Experience for Undergraduate Students in Large Structural Systems at Lehigh University

The Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) at Lehigh University, with support from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA) offered summer fellowships for research at the ATLSS Center. The fellowship was for undergraduate students in their junior year or beginning their senior year of college in civil engineering with interests in the areas of structures, materials, or construction. The program description is provided below.

Program Outline:

  • Ten-week research experience with a stipend of $3700 (June 2 - August 8)
  • Opportunity to work on an interesting engineering topic in the area of structures, materials, or construction.
  • Work under the mentorship of a faculty member or research engineer and a graduate student
  • Participate in workshops on how to write technical reports and how to give effective presentations.
  • Visit structural engineering companies and construction projects.

In the summer of 2003 a 10-week program was held to expose undergraduates to research in the area of structural engineering. The students were recruited from Lafayette College, Notre Dame University, Lehigh University, Morgan State University, the University of Puerto Rico, and Purdue University. These students participated in ongoing research projects at the ATLSS Center and toured structural engineering projects in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. This report summarizes the REU program and presents the research of the students involved. The titles of the research reports follow:

Dynamic Characterization of Structural Systems and Response to Seismic Simulation Control Measures By Lauren M. Haney, ATLSS Undergraduate Researcher; Faculty Investigator: Professor Yunfeng Zhang; Graduate Student Mentor: Jian Li
Analytical Studies of Deep Column Moment-Resisting Building Frame Connections with Reduced Beam Sections By Irene K. LaBarca, ATLSS Undergraduate Researcher, Faculty Investigator: Dr. J. M. Ricles; Graduate Researcher: Xiaofeng Zhang
Painting Fatigue of the Advance Double Hull of AL-6XN Steel By Carián Rivera, ATLSS Undergraduate Researcher; Faculty Advisor: Professor Ben T. Yen; Graduate Student Mentor: Duncan Paterson
Evaluation of Weathered Oriented Strand Board and Plywood Shear Wall Capacity for Use in Woodframe Construction By Kaysi-Ann Spence, ATLSS Undergraduate Researcher; Research Advisor: Clay J. Naito, Ph.D., P.E.
Experimental and Analytical Study of a Retrofitted Pin and Hanger Bridge By Bridget Webb, ATLSS Undergraduate Researcher; Research Advisors: Robert Connor, Ian Hodgson, and Carl Bowman

Clay Naito, Principal Investigator 2002-2003
Robert Connor, Co-Principal Investigator 2003
Robert Alpago

Naito, C., "Final Report - 2002 REU Program," ATLSS Report No.03-03, ATLSS Center, Lehigh University, 2002, 92 pages.

Naito, C., Connor, R., "Final Report - 2003 Research Experiences for Undergraduates," ATLSS Report No.03-23, ATLSS Center, Lehigh University, December, 2003, 34 pages.

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