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o American Registry for Internet Numbers
o CERT/CC (CERT Coordination Center) - THE place for internet/system security information (advisories, attacks, prevention, reporting, ...)
Cincom Mantis for VSE
o find someone at IBM
o MiraSoft Inc.VM tools for analyzing and testing applications for Y2K
o QWS 3270 Plus (follow on product to QWS3270 and QWS3270 Extra)
o VCL - Virtual Computer Library gobs of computing information links
o VM job positions open / wanted


o SDI new url address
o TCPIP for VSE related items moved to its own section



Thanks to Gordon Bell for doing full scans of the vse-l web pages to find bad links. Fixed up 30-40 links, too many to mention them all. But there is one worth mentioning ...

o InfoZIP for VM/CMS, which used to reside at the JPL Note: InfoZIP has ports for over 20 operating systems, not including variants of UNIX! (see also the first new link below regarding zlib)
o vse-l 'Archives' web page - better links to DejaNews


o zlib -- zlib is designed to be a free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered -- that is, not covered by any patents -- lossless data-compression library for use on virtually any computer hardware and operating system.
o Find someone at IBM
o COBOL Center : The COBOL Home Page for COBOL standards, COBOL programming, COBOL reengineering, COBOL tools, COBOL skills improvement, COBOL sample code, COBOL jobs
o FREE - View and download code from 3000 articles published in Xephon Update publications before October '95 (and fixed Xephon links on 12/30/97



o"Inference Find" tool on "Vendors" page
opowerful DejaNews search facility to the VSE-L Archives web page
o"VSE-L FAQ" to all web pages
o A Brief History of the Internet
o The Native TCP/IP Solution for VSE IBM Redbook - superb technical document on TCP, both in general and also specific to VSE.
o CICSprog's Web page (for programmers/sysprog, MVS oriented but still a great stuff here)
o Darwin Awards (humor)
o Decision Technology - information retrieval and report writer software - "Analyzer for Mainframes"
o Network Software Glossary
o IBM Teleconferences
o Lizts - a list of all kinds of lists
o KG Data Systems - communications front ends
o Optisystems Engerizer for CICS and other products
o P/390 FTP site support files
o P/390, PC - White Papers (RAID, etc.), Tech References, Drivers, etc.
PLATINUM technology, inc. software and system management, such as Zeke
o more VM User Groups
Sterlingin Software, VM Division - VM:Webserver, CGI scripting via REXX, VM:Webserver Gateway (session mgmt & fullscreen 3270) & more
o (Global Interface Solutions, Inc.) aka SuperVision Secure Remote Access, Console Consolidation and Automation
o Tachyon Software PC based S/390 HLA Cross Assembler
o VSE-L HELP! page
o Good selection of VM items at Marist College
o Tons of Mainframe discussion groups sponsored at Marist College
o ActiveState Tool Corp.: Software: Perl for WIn32, PerlScript, Perl for ISAPI Download
o Year 2000 Journal


oorganized 'discussion lists' section and added
o new address for NaSPA Network and Systems Professionals Association (was National Association of Systems Programmers) - Home of 'Technical Support' magazine



o Arney Computer Systems
o Bill Bitner's Home Page lots of great VM stuff
o The Computer Information Centre (COMPINFO) - Mainframe, System/390
o Cross Access Corp. cross platform data delivery
o Laffaday humor
o German National Research Center for Information Technology (some cool stuff here)
o System 3/x newsgroup
o IBM VM/ESA Performance Resources

Created a new section of SPAM and Junk Mail

o Fight Spam on the Internet!
o An attendee's viewpoint of FTC hearing on SPAM!
o FTC hearings on Consumer Information Privacy, which touched breifly on spam
o Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email


o Organized the Programming/Languages/Applications area to be more usable
o Corrected several old links, lost some humor and other links



o Etiquette on the Internet
o Bell & Associates jobs
o BIM - B I Moyle & Associates, Inc tons of system tools
o Cathcart's Corner open client/server, network computing, workstation and PC integration with IBM Enterprise Servers
o Internet Connectivity Solutions Ltd. mainframe/web connectivity
o correct link to Overland Data Desktop tape drives for PC and mainframe attachment (3480/3490/...)
o Ringwood Software TROVE, FQS, Information Manager/PQS, Quota Shadow, CPG, Textpower, Dataman
o Velocity Software VM/ESA Performance Software
o [TCP references] W. Richard Stevens' Home Page e.g. white papers (such as "TCP Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Retransmit, and Fast Recovery Algorithms")
o Verhof Information Packages, Inc. Training and Education
o Y2k Links


o correct link to Overland Data Desktop tape drives for PC and mainframe attachment (3480/3490/...)
o correct link to Alphabetical listings of free articles, 1985-95 (CICS, VM, VSAM and VSE ... Update)
o correct link to SDI's 3270 Plus
o Fix some moved IBM pages (education, ...)
o change Intelliware from e-mail to web page, added WIN/VSE Product
o IBM's Boeblingen VSE pages moved to new URLs at IBM's VSE big house



Changes and Updates:
o Revised all web pages for clarity, appearance and better organization.
o NOTE: new items will no longer be flagged as "new" on their respective home pages. This process became too time consuming. If you want to know what's new, please refer to the 'Whats New" pages.
o MacKinney Software tons of system tools
o Xephon [Publications]: Alphabetical listings of free articles, 1985-95 (CICS, VM, VSAM and VSE ... Update)
o Fixed Archives links
o Green Eggs link is gone New pages:
o AFP Users Group (Chicago)
o ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
o Beyond Software EnterpriseWeb/VM (formerly "Webshare" - web server)
o Great Articles - Accessing CICS Data from EnterpriseWeb, Pipelines, CGI, REXX, ...
o Bus-Tech, Inc. Lan to Mainframe Integration
o CICS Gateway for Java
o COBOL links at Computer Associates (CA-Eztest/CICS and other products which support VSE)
o COBOL links at Flexus, Inc.
o Computer Corporation of America (CCA) Model 204 database
o Data Gateway Lotus Notes and cc:Mail to OV/VM, PROFS and CMS
o DPE & Associates VSE and MVS technology company specializing in product development and systems consulting
o Enterprise Systems Journal's (ESJ) (publisher address) Texas phone (214) 669-9000
o Project Groups
o VM group
o VSE group
o IBM Alphaworks On-line Lab for the Next Generation of the Net
o IBM Application Developement VisualAge ...
o IBM Application Developement VisualGen (now known as VisualAge Generator)
o IBM Debug Tool for VSE
o IBM Decision Support Solution information (DSSinfo) data warehouse, data mining, text analysis/mining and patent analysis
o IBM DWF and Workdesk (Distributed Workstation Feature)
o IBM Redbooks (look under 'Rainbow')
o IBM Tape Products
o IBM VM Open Edition
o International Software Technology (IST) Products: ReportNet and Visual VSAM
o Internet Country Codes
o Internic 15 Minute Series Education modules on the history, usage and future of the internet
o McGill Systems Connectivity Products Group tn3270, tn5250, telnet (all assets have been transferred to Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
o Overland Data Tape drives for PC attach mainframe tape drives (3480/3490/...)
o Object REXX
o Perl for VM (script language ported from unix)
o Perl home page
o PowerTerm 3270 terminal emulation
o The Source Recovery Company Source code recovery
o SuperVision console automation
o Sys-Print converts Green-bar / Laser to PDF (Adobe)
o Viaserv provides PC access to SQL/DS, VSAM, DL/I, and other VSE data sources


o The Pig Award
o Software Engineering Archives - for comp.software-eng
o The COBOL Foundation
o MicroFocus
o FOLDOC - Free Online Dictionary of Computing
o ACT-Applied Computer Technology - PC-based System Network Architecture (SNA) and TCP/IP tests
o Compuware - Productivity (e.g. ABEND-AID) & Y2000 Tools
o Diversified Data Resources, Inc. - ACE monitor and automation
o Data 21 - CICS solutions
o IBM System/390 Large Systems Performance Reference
o Phoenix Software International - software for IBM mainframes, personal computers, and local & wide area networks
o Source Recovery Inc. - Recovery of source code from executables
o Support Net - IBM Certified affiliates that recommend, service, sell & install IBM R390 and P390
o VM Assist (Consultants) P/390 and R390 resellers, Y2000, recovery, ...



New '3270 / Internet Connectivity' section
o Internationalization (i18n)
o The RFC index (RFC citations and descriptions) and The RFC documents
o RFC 1647, TN3270 Enhancements July 1994 (tn3270e, printing, LUname, ATTN key, SYSREQ key, and SNA response handling)
o RFC 1646, TN3270 Extensions for LUname and Printer Selection July 1994
o RFC 1576, TN3270 Current Practices January 1994
o RFC 1467, Status of CIDR Deployment in the Internet August 1993 RFC 1401, Telnet 3270 Regime Option January 1988
o Console CGI - web based console for VSE
o JavaWorld
o NetscapeWorld - Intranets & Internets

o 'C' - FAQs posted to comp.lang.c
o 'C' - Programs for C Source Code Metrics
o Design for Competitive Advantage
o NIST Quality Program - The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
o REXX at Yahoo
o The Software Engineering Institute - SEI
o Ascent Solutions (changed from mail to a web page)
o IBM - APARs and PTFs (Service)
o IBM - Partners in Development
o Update www.vm.ibm.com IBM - VM home page address to www.vm.ibm.com
o o IBM - VM, IBM related products
o IBM - YEAR 2000 & VSE
o JDS MicroProcessing - Hydra terminal controller - remote connectivity and Local Area Network Equipment
o Polaris Communications - Gateway & channel inferface products
o Targetfour (changed from mail to a web page)
Other addtions:
o IESCNTL report program (CICSIUI) - Greg Schmalhofer, Millersville U.
o AXIOMS for Higher Living
o Exploring IBM's New Age Mainframes (full text in Adobe Acrobat Reader format)
o Help Desk FAQ
o How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers
o InterNIC - the virtual 'center' (a control point) of the internet and their newsletter
o Storage media - comp.arch.storage FAQ
o Team OS/2 FAQlet
o Virtual Computer Room Tour
o Typing Injury FAQ - Keyboard Alternatives
o VSE Technical Conference - Rome, Oct 16-18, 1996


o Candle
o DTA - Davis, Thomas & Associates, Inc - Consulting & Training
o Eric Loriaux's System/390 home page. (MVS, VM, VSE, OS/390) [VERY comprehensive and well organized]
o Generic Systems, Inc. The famous Dr. D and other utilities
o SDS Software Diversified Services - Mainframe & PC tools
o Exploring IBM's New Age Mainframes (book)


Ascent Solutions- USA market agent of PKZIP for VSE, VM, .... Developed by & marketed in UK by Targetfour Ltd., sales@target4.com.
Connectivity Systems WWW e-mail: tcpinfo@tcpip4vse.com
Council Systems - VSM - the VM System Manager for VSE and MVS (Austria)
IntelliWare - VSE Training, Consulting, Programming, System Management Tools, P/390 Sales
Jemasys - UK VSE & VM System Management Tools & Training
MacKinney Software
Teubner & Associates, Inc - A-Net, FAXGATE & others
Jobs MIS
   JOBS-MIS is a moderated mailing list of employment opportunities
   for MIS, DP, IS and related positions. No entry level positions.
   To subscribe send the following command in the body of mail
   to jobs-mis@execon.com:
   Do not include your name, e-mail address or additional text
   in the body of mail.  The subject of the message must be
UK Jobserve - or by e-mail, send a blank e-mail message to: subscribe@jobserve.com.
Jobs section in Eric Loriaux's pages
FAQ: Should I buy OS/2 Warp 3.0?


SDI Mainframe & PC Utilities, e.g. VM & VSE cache, ...
added link to register "Whatsnew" page.


ICCP Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals
CAUSE The association for managing IR in higher education


VM User Groups
VSE/ESA 2.1.1 new/updated messages (from the program directory - Note: these are *NOT* on the latest CD-ROM)
REXX for CICS - User Experience (on "REXX for CICS/ESA" - VSE isn't at CICS/ESA just yet)
The "Official" VM Workshop Web Page
CMS Pipelines
Rick Troth's Miscellaneous VM/CMS Software Packages including: HTTPD (WWW), Gopher, TAR, UFT Unsolicited File Transfer (Internet SENDFILE), MIME for MAILBOOK, LPD/LPR
SNA Tutorial and all kinds of tutorials from PC Lube & Tune
REXXVSAM package - in source and VMARC format
FTP to accdvm.accd.edu, user ANONYMOU, password GUEST, set BINARY, BLOCK and EBCDIC for REXXVSAM.VMARC
IBM-supplied VM tools - send the message INDEX IBMVMTLS to LISTSERV@IRISHVMA (1,500 files circa 1994)
VM Workshop 1993 Tools - send the message INDEX VMTOOLS to LISTSERV@IRISHVMA
Nicely organized list of IBM Sites (It's MVS oriented, but what the heck)

Green Eggs report on VSE-L (lists www sites found in vse-l postings)

Yahoo search engine- Computers Yahoo search engine - Computer: Languages

Jason Data Services - CONMAN
Landmark Systems
Pacific Systems Group Spectrum Writer 4GL reporting system
Software Computing Power (SCP) Foxrock, CICS replacement product
Software Pursuits (nice setup for retrieving PTFs under "Product Support")
Sterling Software

IBM Europe
IBM Kiosk for Education
IBM's PL/I for VSE
IBM SQL/DS Development

LaughWEB: Computer Humor
Help Desk Humor (check the archives!)
The Capital Steps (Hey!! How did this get into a computer humor group?)
Net Tips for Writers and Designers (A good reference if you're doing HTML)


Connectivity Systems Native TCP/IP for VSE 800-795-4914
IBM's ADSM/VSE, see also
Finding other lists
Information about VSE-L's Home
Fundamental Software OPEN/370 - S/370 emulated in Unix (since 1990)
VSE & Compootor Humour


Barnard Software - OPTICache Home page
NaSPA - National Association of Systems Programmers


VM Workshop Home page
VM Workshop e-mail list -- send SUBscribe to WORKSHOP@VM.MARIST.EDU
VM Workshop 1995 Tools Tape


Hitachi Data Systems
IBM System User International (online magazine -- not affiliated with IBM Corp.)
Mainframe related discussion groups (how to subscribe)
Memorex Telex
Xephon Publications


(IBM) VSE Education and Training
COBOL FAQ at Micro Focus (new address)


ADS - Advanced Debugging System for CICS
Macro 4


Find vse-l on the world map. (click it a few times to zoom in)


PL1 page, FAQ, & mailing list(see Q7 of FAQ)


The Year 2000 Information Center
To subscribe to the Year2000 mailing list, send an email to listmanager@hookup.net with the text SUBSCRIBE YEAR2000 in the body of the message (not in the subject).


"World Alliance of VSE and VM" and conference information


IBM's The REXX Lang uage page


IBM-MAIN Archives at University of Alabama
Information about helping with VSE-L FAQ
Draft version of VSE-L FAQ


Explore the Internet - by Amdahl ...
... containing just about everthing imaginable to help you get started, including:
Internet Tutorials, Guides, and FAQs on WWW, Gopher, WAIS and UseNet
Internet Exploration Starting Points
WWW Search Engines
Hot Topics -- Hot Sites -- News -- Weather -- Sports
Technical Information

"Local" User Groups - Find (or start) a VSE user group near you!
GUIDE New address
Source code index at vse-l
IBM's VSE page - VSE Development Lab in Boeblingen, Germany New address
Links via Yahoo and other "cataloging" systems
Mainframe Category (Yahoo)
Bastard Operator from Hell
Problem Report!
For more good humor see Wayne's link page , more of jried's stories or check Yahoo.
The Copyright WebSite
Johnson Space Center ISD (check out the client/server item)
(NOTE: this facility has only a subset of all known discussion lists, because it records the names of discussion lists that only run the "LISTSERV" software (VM, VMS...). Listproc and Majordomo lists are not included.)


ARCUTIL archive utility for VM -- ftp to sruvm.src.edu, login anonymous, then cd anonymou.191, ebcdic, mode b, mget arcutil.*, quit (courtesy Fran Hensler, fjh@sruvm.sru.edu)




Kermit file transfer for mainframes (also by ftp - ftp://kermit.columbia.edu/kermit/b/)


IBM's P/390 !


PKZIP (freeware port of pkzip 2.04g) for VM (via ftp)


Correct p370-l mailing address and add ftp information
P-370 WWW
Software AG WWW
VSE Technical Conference May 15-18, 1995


Restructured for faster WWW access
CODEC data compressor


Added Client/Server Goodies
Now working with Mosaic 2.0.0Beta4


Added "What's New"
Added links and graphics under /lists/vse-l
Fixed IBM Hursley's CICS/VSE (actually, cicsvse in *lower* case)


Created vse-l home page

vse-l Home Page
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