LUCC's (now IR) Prestigious Pig Award

Established 1973
Rewarding finger checks, memory checks and worse screw ups of dubious value...
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He's ever *so* happy when he's awarded to a new home (i.e. cubicle/workspace) because ... he's a Roving Pig!
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Current Holder and Official Residential Palace of The Pig
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  • 11-98 Mark Miller
    making his 4th appearance, strikes again - slam dunks the network

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  • 7-4-97 Steve G. "Sugar" Roseman (SGR)
    thought he'd just delete the subnet 2 interfaces on the nss* machines. He "didn't think" it would break anything.
  • 3-18-97 Brian Hearn
    Whose www luna allowed anyone to edit any file on nss3 or even run as root. In testing, he then deleted /etc/passwd on nss1!
  • 12-??-96 Dan Schwartz
    Erased M180 Macintosh image, for which there was no backup!
  • 11-16-96 Dan Schwartz
    Screwed up sendmail in the middle of the day. Numerous lost mail messages!
  • 9-16-96 Kathy Horwath Miller & Dan "ii" Moyer
    for disconnecting fidoii [campus web, ftp and news server] disk drive while looking for SN (serial number) on bottom of drive
  • 9-02-96 Steve Lidie
    for mounting cdrom over fidoii:/etc
  • 9-20-95 Dan "Schwartzkopf" Schwartz
    For installing new version of sendmail, not testing and being unavailable to resolve numerous problems -- causing problems with off campus mail not being sent (bounced back).
  • these log entries were blacked out (wonder why?), but are now restored to their rightful place in history:
  • 9-12-95 Dave Keppel/Operator
    700 pages of ADMO 3-ply incorrectly printed on *reverse* side
  • 7-17-95 Jim Eshleman/Sysprog
    for setting the default for all WP [WordPerfect] files to print at *central* site instead of the local printer
  • 7-13-95 Lori Carroll/Operator
    Doing a 'chown -R .*' **TWICE**. (over on CS & then on NS)
  • 6-5-95 Mark Miller/Sysprog
    Upgraded bootp servers and broke HP printers
  • 2-22-95 Pauline Chu/Sysprog
    Munged up bootp file on ROVER
  • 10-02-94 Brian Hearn/Sysprog
    who's new version of the "too busy job killer" killed oracle on ns3
  • 9-27-94 Mark Miller/Sysprog
    Deleting XMON files on Rover. "I needed disk space." - mm
  • 6-22-94 Steve Lidie/Sysprog
    For deleting the boot sector information on cs2 & then scheduling a cs2 reboot
  • 6-19-94 Janice Mitchell/Operator
    Failed to notice a disk drive off-line after a system reboot - admin3
  • 6-13-94 Mark Miller/Sysprog
    Upgraded bootp servers and broke HP printers
  • 6-10-94 Steve Walker/IBM
    For powering off 2 disk drives during production

    (History prior to 1994 was lost.
    Evidence, anecdotal and hearsay information will be accepted in the interest of preserving priceless historical data.
    Send corrections and additions to Wayne Mery.)

  • [unofficial] circa 1990 Stephen Mery/SysProg's kid
    (A situation strangely similar to Dr Hollabaugh- see 1972 entry) After carefully explaining to this well behaved 7 year old urchin (who shall remain a nameless minor) to only look and do not touch - keep away from all equipment, keep hands at side, do not touch anything - we begin our tour of the computer room. We near the end of our tour at the back of the machine room, successfully so far. Then, we hear an ominous, "click." The Urchin, turning around in tight space, inadvertantly flipped off a floor level power switch/breaker with his foot and cut all power to the communications cabinet frame.
    [contributed by WSM 8/12/96]
  • 1984 Dave Keppel/Operator
    IBM Field Service was working on a printer/channel connected to the old 4331. FS explicitely said to NOT start the printer this would hang the channel and possibly the system. About 1/2 hour after this I noticed that the printer was off. Of course, I started the printer and hung the system. An IPL had to be done.
    [contributed by DFK 8/12/96]
  • 198? Bob Murley(?) dropped a screw driver into the open CDC console cabinet, frying several important components.
    [contributed by WSM 8/11/97]
  • circa 3/81 Alex "Lurking Grue" Ostapenko/SysProg (homepage)
  • 3/81 Alex "Lurking Grue" Ostapenko/SysProg (homepage)
    [official?] (just after Ned left) the previous month's tape was fed into the accounting system (Feb. instead of Mar.); it was noticed by the users when they got their bills -- the usage reports looked strangely similar to the previous month's; well, they were -- it WAS the previous month's data; it took two extra runs (an actual for March, and a delta between Feb. and Mar.) to straighten it.
    [contributed by Alex "Lurking Grue" Ostapenko 9/26/96]
  • 1979 Steve Lidie/SysProg
    for laying 48 RS232 cables under the floor with the male/female connectors at the wrong ends.
    [contributed by CDL 8/12/96]
  • 1978 Ned Deily/SysProg
    for tripping over a hand-truck and falling into the CDC6400, causing it to hang.
    [contributed by CDL 8/12/96]
  • 1977 - Gus Wargo/CDC (Control Data) Engineer - for rolling a CDC 512 printer into an open floor tile, causing a main power failure and a 400 cycle breaker to fry.[Editor's note: IBM and other CEs inform me 'floor tile incidents' are not all that uncommon.]
    [contributed by CDL 8/12/96]
  • mid 70's - Somebody (Gus Wargo?) (Steve Roseman thinks it was Denny Butler)
    set a cup of coffee on top of the console. Of course, it got knocked into the innards, and we had to wait for parts. It is very hard to run a CDC 6400 without the console displays.
    [contributed by Bill "BC" Cheswick 8/7/97]
  • 1974 - Bill Utsch/SysProg
    for over-tightening an 844 disk pack causing it to jam. Required engineering to drill it out -- billable to LU.
    [contributed by CDL 8/12/96]
  • 1974 - Lehigh University Buildings & Grounds
    for failing to inform an operator that they were doing welding work on the air conditioner and dumped the CO2 fire protection system.
    [contributed by CDL 8/12/96]
  • 1974 - JC/Operator
    for processing the full-file reload deck instead of the full-dump deck causing four week old files from the dump cycle to be reloaded. Filled all disks.
    [contributed by CDL 8/12/96]
  • 1972 - Dr Hollabaugh/SysProg for failing to find a power off toggle switch at floor level on the Varian 620F front-end which he inadvertantly kicked. The front-end was down for 2.5 days and was found by tech support -- when they flew in from California!
    [contributed by CDL 8/12/96]

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    Awards & Statistics

  • World Record (longest consecutive days in residence)
  • Steve Roseman - 17 months (string broken by Mark Miller)
  • Runners up
  • Dan Schwartz - 11+ months/347 days (string broken by, you guessed it, Steve/SOL)
  • Brian Hearn - 4 months, 16 days
  • Shortest Holding - 3 days (2 way tie) Steve Walker, Janice Mitchell
  • Most Decorated (most number of awards)
  • 4 pigs to Mark Miller
  • Runner up - 3 pigs to Steve Lidie
  • Nearest Miss - Wayne Mery (the kid did it, so the kid gets it)
  • Officially Unblemished (i.e. the "hit list"):

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    Who was/is Eligible for the Award?

    There is nothing official. The editor's guess is anyone in any way associated, by position, blood, marriage or reputation, with LUCC.

    Current Holder | History | Statistics | Eligibility | Origins | Change Log | Top | Bottom

    Origins - How it all Began

    [Editor's note: We're awaiting Mac's reply and notes from anyone with information about the pig and its noble ancestors.]
    You've found the original source.

    Unfortunately, much of the information has been moved from short term to long term storage. I've launched a background process to retrieve the data. As search results surface, I'll summarize them and send you a note. It's been a long time - about 20 years. It's entirely possible that some of the information was damaged at the Tally-Ho.

    Talk to you later,
    [Gary "Mac" McConnell 8/16/96]

    The award was originally called the 'dspace' award. Someone was asked to go punch out a `dspace.' card, and came back with a 'd .' card. Gary [Mac] McConnell (now in Idaho?) knew a lot of its early history, and may even have created the award, I am not sure. I don't recall any of the early award winners, which were inscribed a card connected to the wooden finger with a rubber band. The card may have been the original dspace card, but I don't know.

    I don't recall ever receiving the award, but it is certainly possible. My memory was never too hot.
    [ches - Bill "BC" Cheswick 8/13/96]

    The award started as a carved wooden hand with the middle finger extended. We called it the "fickle finger of fate" award. When it was stolen, we created the PIG award (stood for Printer In Grace). (If only the individual would not have also stolen the scribed history of awarded screw-ups!!) The printer, part of the CDC 734 remote batch terminal (card reader/600 lpm printer), was a real "pig". Had lots of software, communications and hardware failures and [thus] why the term "PIG" award was created. As you know, the current icon is a one foot stuff pig, made from nylons [editors note for you rednecks, baby boomers, and generation Xers - nylons are stockings] and various other things which my mother made to memorialize the screw ups of the LUCC folks.
    [Carol "CDL" Lidie 8/13/96]

    Change Log

  • 8/08/97 - add Lutz & Dean's e-mail, add Ches's 1970's coffee incident
  • 8/08/97 - update Ned's address, add entries, remove Roseman from 'unblemished' list
  • 11/07/96 - add more Alex contributions
  • 9/27/96 - add Alex's contributions
  • 9/25/96 - new entries & add e-mail addresses & categories "Most Decorated" & "Nearest Miss"
  • 8/19/96 - restore entries 7/17/95 & 9/12/95 (which were scribbled out by someone who shall remain nameless)
  • 8/19/96 - add McConnell's comments and index: Current Holder | History | Statistics | Eligibility | Origins | Change Log
  • 8/13/96 - add "Origins - How it all Began"
  • 8/12/96 - created page

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