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Chaplin, Donald Fallout of the Miracle   PDF 44k,
Cohen, Dory Lee The Politics of Japan: Will the Past Predict the Future?   PDF 55k,
Doherty, Megan Marie Japan's Attempts at Political Reform: Are they Helping or Hurting?   PDF 36k,
Drew, Bryan Justin Japan and The United States: Dual Asian Powers?   PDF 38k,
Eckstein, Andrew Joseph Japan's National Identity: Nationalists or Not?   PDF 36k,
Graham, Erin Margaret Other Global Issues   PDF 64k,
Hayson, Aaron Wesley Japanese Relations with the European Union   PDF 29k,
Jeffers, Laurence Takeshi The Old to the New Generation   PDF 39k,
Kim, Kwan-Young Japan and Korea: A Turbulent History   PDF 41k,
Koch, Kristopher Frank The U.S. Occupation of Japan (In what way did it influence Japan?)   PDF 34k,
Kraft, Scott Harrison Japanese Air and Missile Capabilities: More than just a Self Defense Force   PDF 32k,
Krahmal, Andriy Russia and Japan: Sound Partnership or Silent Enmity?   PDF 67k,
Kurtz, Robert Quinn Japan's Army and Navy: Are they ready for the 21st Century?   PDF 39k,
Martinelli, Mark Anthony The U.S. and Japan, Unlikely Bedfellows   PDF 30k,
Mauriello, Joseph Japan and The Second World War: The Aftermath of Imperialism   PDF 36k,
McCluskey, Rebecca Sino-Japanese Relations, From Strife to Strides   PDF 41k,
McKeon, Michael Japan and its Relations with the Middle East and Africa: From Dependency to Philanthropy   PDF 44k,
McNeal, Gregory Scott -   -
Rankin, Elizabeth Ann Human Capital - Japan's Most Important Resource   PDF 35k,
Roditi, Robyn D. Japan and the United Nations.: A World Leader?   PDF 38k,
Ronning, Alex Influences by Japan on Mainland South East Asia: A Guiding Force to Success   PDF 32k,
Spanko, Dawn Amigos from Across the Ocean: Japan's Relations with Latin America   PDF 33k,
Sumikawa, Shunsuke The Meiji Restoration: Roots of Modern Japan   PDF 38k,
Takada, Masahiro Japan's Economic Miracle: Underlying Factors and Strategies for the Growth   PDF 34k,
Teasdale, Bradford Allen Japanese Tradition and Culture: Aid or Obstacle to Future Success?   PDF 35k,
Vail, Courtney Kathleen Affluence and Aging   PDF 38k,
Zapata, Hernan David Japan and the Islands of South East Asia: Japanese Economic Predominance and Political Impact   PDF 47k,
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