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The Blink Profile

Here's the starting point for any new Blink Fans, especially ones who are coming on board after seeing Astonishing X-Men (v.2). This is a summary of Blink's activities, personality, and powers in both timelines, and also details on Blink's various creative teams! Enter the profile.

The Chronology

These sections are for issues in which Blink had some lines. Entries include plot summaries, the creators of the issue, and pics. Now, you can call up pics from the issue you are reading about on the sidebar menu. Note that by customary notation, the alternate timeline of the Age of Apocalypse is called the "AoA", while the real timeline was dubbed the "616". Don't ask me why, I just document this stuff.

The Phalanx Covenant

Blink's first appearance occurred in this storyline, which lead to the formation of the mutant team Generation X.

It began in Uncanny X-Men 316 and X-Men 36. In these issues, several mutants are abducted by the phalanx, but a small group of people are trying to save them. These people are the first members of what will become Generation X

Uncanny X-Men #316
Blink didn't actually appear in this issue. However, her name appears on the Cerebro list the Phalanx is attempting to absorb, along with the other Gen X'ers. A dot for her is shown on the map in New England, or perhaps across the border in Canada (the map isn't too precise, so it's hard to tell), which might make that where she lives..

Uncanny X-Men 317
This issue, part three of the Covenant) is the first appearence of Blink.

X-Men 37
In this, the fourth and final chapter of the Covenant, realtime Blink supposedly dies.

What If 75
"What If Blink of Generation X had survived?" This issue is NOT technically part of Marvel Continuity, thus the "What If" title. It details an alternate ending for X-Men 37, and thus is listed here.

Generation X #1
When Husk is injured, a caption states that the team wants to ensure that she does not suffer the same fate as the late Clarice Ferguson.

For a more concise summary of these events, and what we learned about Blink through them, read my Blink Profile: The Phalanx Covenant.

The Age Of Apocalypse

A large number of Blink's appearences were during the Age of Apocalypse, during which her powers played an important role in transporting the team(s) around.

Tales Of the Age of Apocalypse
Though this one-shot featuring Blink came out in December 1996, it actually occurs before Blink's other AoA appearances, detailing Blink's first mission with the X-Men!

X-Men Alpha
X-Men Alpha was our first glance into the AoA, where we met Blink as a full-fledged member of the X-Men!

Astonishing X-Men
Astonishing X-Men was the title that Blink appeared in throughout the AoA.
  • Astonishing X-Men 1
  • Astonishing X-Men 2
  • Astonishing X-Men 3
  • Astonishing X-Men 4
  • The Big One, which all Blink fans will want to see is #4... Blink vs Holocaust. 'Nuff said!
    Note also the cameo in the Ultimate Edition.

    Amazing X-Men 4
    Amazing X-Men 4 was a final rallying issue in which everyone met to plan for the final gate-crashing in X-Men Omega. Blink's appearance here was little more than a cameo, but she had one line, so it's listed here.

    X-Men Omega
    X-Men Omega was the final showdown. Read here to find out Blink's role.

    For a summary of these events and what we learned about Blink through them, read my Blink Profile: The Age of Apocalypse.

    Blinkwatch '99

    The details on the Blink events of '99 prior to Lavender Darts' final update, including the Astonishing situation, Gen X #56, and The Academy #14.

    The Cameos (Updated 10/9/98)

    Blink has made any number of cameo appearances without lines, in some of the strangest places!
    Includes info on: Astonishing X-Men (v1) Ultimate edition, Uncanny X-Men #350, What If #'s 77, 79, and 81, Wizard #72, the X-Men animated series, X-Men #56, and X-Men Chronicles (X-Men Unlimited in the AoA) #1

    Other Sightings

    Blink has popped up in all number of unlikely places these days outside of comics (Wizard Magazine goes under cameos.). I even have a report of a Blink sighting in a Chapel Hill, NC conveniance store, for whatever it's worth. :)

    Blink Overpower

    Check here for info on the potential for Blink appearences in future expansions of the Overpower card game.

    The Action Figure

    Yes, you heard me right. Check here for pics.

    The Role-Playing Game

    Some of you may have heard of the old Marvel Superheros Role-Playing Game. Check out my version of Blink!

    WWF: Warzone

    I can't claim personal credit for this one, which was submitted by Kenneth Blackwell ( How to create Blink in the popular video game, Warzone, complete with pictures!

    WWF: Attitude

    WWF Attitude has been out for a week, and Lavender Darts WWF Liason has already made a Blink wrestler for it! Complete with pics!

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