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Blink and Rogue
Blink finds Sabretooth


Plot:Scott Lobdell
Penciller:Joe Madureira
Colorist:Steve Buccellato

The Astonishing X-Men 3 After Xavier: The Age Of Apocalypse

Before falling in the previous issue, Sabretooth was able to inform the X-Men of the location of the Infinities' processing plant, source of Apocalpyse's expendable shock troops. En route, Clarice remembers the first time she saw Sabretooth. Creed ('Tooth) and Logan (Weapon X, the real world's Wolverine) were fleeing a burning base, when Creed realized that someone was still inside. When they investigate, they find Clarice as a child. This is clearly a major reason why Clarice looks on "Mister Creed" as a father figure.

However, on arriving at the plant, Clarice sees something which disturbs her greatly. She blinks up to a cliff above the plant where she sees ... Sabretooth hanging from a post on the cliff side. (Thanx to The Claws for the .gif)

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