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Plot:Scott Lobdell
Penciller:Joe Madureira
Colorist:Steve Buccellato

Astonishing X-Men 2 After Xavier: The Age of Apocalypse

This issue was primarily about the attempts of the team to save innocent humans from culling at the hands of Holocaust, the 'son' of Apocalypse. However, there was a scene where we learned a lot about Blink, and her relationship with someone who was only barely on her side in our world...Sabretooth! He calls her up to a hill overlooking Chicago, and here is the result...

Blink:Please. Please PLEASE please don't ask me. You want me to teleport you to him, don't you? You're asking me to help you commit suicide.
...You're the one who rescued me from Abyss [a horseman of Apocalypse] all those years ago.

...Sabretooth:"Stupid is not fighting. It's givin' up. Clarice, I need ya to send me to Holocaust, so I can take one last poke at 'im. Then I need ONE other thing.
Blink:Name it.
Sabretooth:After he takes me out--and make no mistake, he will--I need ya t'kick his b--- all the way back to h---...and tell 'im 'THAT was for Victor Creed!' Can ya do that for me, pup?
Blink:Yes, sir.
[Before Blink can send him off, however, Rogue tries to intervene. Clarice uses her power as she did in our world to knock out Rogue.]
Sabretooth:Ya displaced her for what--a fraction of a second?
Blink:She'll be fine in a minute. You'll... be GONE by then.
Sabretooth:Thanks, pup.
Blink:Thank me, Mr. coming home.

It appears that Sabretooth dies in his fight with Holocaust, but both of them actually survive to begin another chapter...

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