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Latest Update (10/22/98):
There appears to be a Blink Overpower coverup in effect. Netreps from Marvel hold AOL chats every other week, where spoilers are frequently distributed. In the October 19th chat, on the subject of the X-Men 35th expansion, the fans were clamoring for Blink. The netrep's first comment sounded like a denial that she would be in the set. However, the next thing he said was:

"I cannot comment on Blink. They yell at me and stuff."

If Marvel Interactive has a Blink coverup policy in effect, they almost certainly needs to be something to coverup. For the original chat transcript and summary, as well as info on future chats, visit Ranger Rick's Overpower Page.

Some of you may be familiar with the comic book card game, Overpower (recently taken over from Fleer by Marvel Interactive). This card game has taken an AoA friendly stance from the start, with an AoA mission set in the original release. Morph already has a hero card, and Shadowcat has an AoA variant. While no Blink cards were made at first, many fan generated Blink cards were created. Now, though, this makeshift approach ends...

Blink appeared in the Classic Overpower set. Blink appears on a tactic: double shot card, teaming up with Rogue. In the past, characters who have appeared in generic cards of this game have become playable in future expansions. The card requires a 6 Strength to use, with a teammate with 6 Energy. (It counts as a 4 Strength and may be combined with a Strength power card.) Another Overpower tradition is that heros usually can use generic cards on which they appear. Rogue has a 7 Strength, so it seems likely that Blink will have a 6 Energy rating when she is released. This still leaves open the question of what her other stats will be. (I'll go on the record right now predicting 6 Energy, 6 Fighting, 2 Strength, and 3 Intellect, maybe with a defensive inherent ability, or a venture bonus when she is KO'ed.)

An upcoming Blink hero card is also supported by her being listed on the Age of Apocalypse location card, also from the Classic Overpower set. The AoA location lists MORPH, SHADOWCAT, HOLOCAUST, DARK BEAST, BLINK, and X-MAN as its characters. This makes sense since, including the AoA Shadowcat variant, these are all AoA Characters. The location card allows you to make a team using for of the six characters listed, even if that team would otherwise be too powerful, and it gives you a +2 venture bonus if using the AoA mission set with at least 1 event. Alternately, you can use the location as a battlesite to allow the listed heros to assist you with their specials.

Here's a picture of that card, borrowed from The Marvel Overpower Universe.

When might a Blink hero card come out? Nate the X-Man, also listed on the AoA location but not yet released, will be included in the X-Men 35th aniversary expansion in late October...

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