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Saying Good-Bye


Plot:Fabian Nicieza
Penciller:Andy Kubert
Colorist:Kevin Somers

Phalanx Covenant part 4: X-Men 37

As this issue opens, we see our heroine, Clarice, being grabbed by one of Harvest's hideous minions. Paige(Husk) encourages Clarice to "Blink" it to pieces to free herself. (This, the sound effect used in the books when she uses her powers, will be the source of her nickname, and later her codename when she needs one...) Her power causes her eyes to flare, and sends a warm glow through her body. However, Clarice has not had the training to use her spatial displacement for anything other than disruption, which works fine for self defense.

Soon enough, the rest of the team shows up to help, but even the help of Banshee, Sabretooth, Jubilee, and the White Queen Emma Frost is not enough to stop the Harvest. As the fight progresses, Clarice realizes that Harvest is surviving because of the energy of all those he has killed. As Sabretooth is finally felled by the monster(interesting timing, considering future storylines), Blink gets worried.

"Blink:Ma'am--Harvest--can't be stopped, can it? I mean, even if we do get away today, it'll keep coming after us, won't it?

Frost:It will. We are simply delaying the inevitable. has to be stopped, right? I mean, right NOW, doesn't it?

... Husk:Clarice--Stop!! You can't beat him!

Blink:You know I can, Paige. friends...
I hope what I'm going to do makes a difference...somewhere down the road...I can stop this monster--here and now--and forever."

With that, our heroine displaces a section of the hull of the ship they're trapped on, sending her friends safely into the drink. Then, she displaces Harevst, and the whole battleship! However, the Blink field is too wide for her to escape, and she is displaced by her own power before Banshee can save her. Thus, at the apparent cost of her own life, Clarice has saved the team that will become Generation X. But Blink's story does not end here and now and forever...

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