Friday, February 25, 2005

"Discover the Network"

Michael Berube has been having a bit of a duel with David Horowitz over Horowitz's goofy (but evil) "Discover the Network" website.

This site seriously presents the below diagram (see the full diagram here) as constituting a "network" of "leftists" that needs to be investigated and scourged by the patriotic efforts of conservative American websurfers.

I think Berube's instinctual response to stuff like this this -- to smirk -- is the correct one. If this is the best David Horowitz can do...


The Blunderer said...

Silly and evil is right. Unfortunately he's now subdivided the chart into more cohesive sections("NGO"/"Terrorist"/"Union"), taking most of the comedy value away.

6:07 AM  
ME-L said...

In doing some research for my job, I ran across the similar Activist Cash run by the "Center for Consumer Freedom." Kind of like "They Rule," but, well, it's "We Rule."

1:40 PM  

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