OMSC Group in News

January 2022: Smarter catalysts through ‘induced activation’

July 2021: A 'solid' approach to sustainable shale gas ethylene conversion

Septemeber 2019: Cutting-edge instrumentations finally resolved 40 year old question

December 2018: Prof. Israel E. Wachs elected Fellow of National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

September 2018: Prof. Israel E. Wachs' scholarly publications reach ISI Golden h-Index of 100

April 2018: Professor Israel Wachs receives Research Leadership Award

2017 NSF's MRI Program: Interdisciplinary HAT TRICK by Lehigh University

January 2018: Professor Israel Wachs receives Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellowship from the Fulbright Foundation

December 2017: Professor Israel Wachs' group wins Best Poster Award at International Conference

November 2017: Lehigh University Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Student Wins Best Poster Presentation at Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Annual Poster Competition

November 2017: "Unparalleled access" in surface science

September 2017: Graduate Student Ben Moskowitz wins the Department of Energy Office of Science Student Research (SCGSR) Award

May 2017: Wachs Group Wins Best Paper in ACS San Francisco Session

November 2016: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major recognized in student poster competition at the AIChE Annual Meeting

November 2016: Lehigh Students Shine at Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Student Poster Competition

November 2016: Catalyzing Excellence: Dr. Israel E. Wachs wins major award for research leadership

August 2016: Stories Scratching the Surface

Summer 2015: Opening Up Possibilities for Greener Natural Gas

April 2015: Critical Catalytic Reaction Understood at Molecular Level

November 2014: Taking Aim at Acid Gases

October 2014: Professor Israel Wachs part of a team that will receive a DOE EFRC grant

April 2014: ChemE Ph.D. candidate finds success through catalysis

April 2014: Grad Students Win Catalysis Prizes

March 2014: Lehigh University Students Shine at Northeast Regional Catalysis Symposium

December 2013: Lehigh professor delivers key lectures at CHF, TSRC conferences

October 2013: Lehigh among best at Northeastern Student Poster Competition

July 2013: Vanadium Oxide catalysis work from the group of Professor Israel E. Wachs featured on the cover page of Dalton Transactions.

October 2012: Student leadership in catalysis

July 2012: Wachs Receives the 5th Vanadis Award

May 2012: Israel E. Wachs receives a top international research prize

December 2011: Graduate students shine at catalysis conference

September 2011: The Catalyst Review Special Feature: New Catalyst Research Instrumentation is Allowing for Quantitative Atomic Composition of the Outermost, Top-Surface Layer of Heterogeneous Catalysts and Sorbents

September 2011: Nanotechnology for Better Natural Gas Utilization

September 2011: A Chemical Engineer Joins a Select Group

August 2011: Dr. Israel E. Wachs named an ACS Fellow

April 2011: Julie Molinari wins First Place in Annual Catalysis Society of Metropolitan New York Poster Competition

April 2011: Playing Pool with Atoms

January 2011: Catalysis science of methanol oxidation over iron vanadate catalysts

January 2011: The generality of surface vanadium oxide phases in mixed oxide catalysts

December 2010: Anomalous Surface Compositions of Mixed Oxides

December 2010: Utilizing Raman Spectroscopy to Monitor Catalysts In Action

November 2010: Building a Better Catalyst

November 2010: Michelle Spicer, a Lehigh Junior, Recognized for CO2 Capture Research

May 2010: Students Excel in Catalysis Research Presentations

November 2009: Imaging a catalyst one atom at a time

October 2009: A singular, molecular focus yields more effective catalysts

May 2009: Catalyst Journal Highly Cited Author

March 2009: Ph.D. candidate recognized by Catalysis Society of Metropolitan New York

November 2008: Lehigh Senior Recognized for Catalysis Research

April 2008 : Scientist Explores Invisible Environmental Helpers (National Science Foundation)

October 2007: Wachs chosen to receive Olah Award

September 2007: A "sub-nanoscale" leap in reactivity

April 2007: Grad students tops in region for catalysis research

March 2007: Prof. Wachs' students win award at the New York and Philadelphia Catalysis Socities (pdf)

Prof. Wachs and students active at 232nd ACS meeting in San Francisco, September 2006.

Prof. Wachs' students come up big at conference, February 2006.