Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Year Old

Puran turns one year old today. He's grown very interested in his father's laptop, which is often in use in the living room where he plays. He likes to bang on the keys; one of these days o;aogargogbnjagadvogh3rln3ignlvkn3orgq3

(Hm, maybe it's time to limit the use of the laptop a bit.)

Parenting-wise, it's been a challenging year; I don't think we could have survived it without lots of help from family and friends. Thanks, everyone.


Anil said...

Happy birthday Grandmaster P! Here's to a fabulous year ahead for all of you.

8:55 AM  
arZan said...

Happy Birthday Little Puran.

When are you starting to blog ? :)

10:18 AM  
Ruchira Paul said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns to little Puran.

Let him bang on the key pad, Amardeep. Remember the myth about a group of monkeys typing? Sooner or later, the law of probablity predicts that every literary masterpiece would be duplicated.

And all the best to Puran's parents.

11:47 AM  
tamasha said...

From what pix I've seen here and there he looks like quite an alert and engaged little boy.

Handsome too! :)

2:50 PM  
Anonymous said...

What not to do with a laptop and a not give into the temptation to use it as a way to amuse him (YouTube clips from Bollywood, iTunes, etc....)

Because then it will be HIS toy. And you'll never get work done again. Evah!

I made that mistake. And dear god but I will be fine I never listen to Sugar Sugar again (the original version and the remix).

8:18 PM  
ana said...

Happy Birthday Puran! Can I imitate some of the aunties and say cho chweet!! He is so adorable. And congrats to the parents! The best to all of you!

I need to find another book for him. . .

9:16 PM  
Karthik said...

Belated wishes to Puran and congrats to the parents.

11:24 AM  
The Constructivist said...

Happy Birthday to Puran! And I think you'll enjoy his second year even more than his first....

3:39 AM  
Sharanya Manivannan said...

So sweet! :)

8:33 AM  

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