Thursday, September 13, 2007

Video Mashup

Primus, "Welcome to this World" vs. the dance scene (or as Bollywood fans say, "picturization") of Mohammed Rafi's "Jan Pehechan Ho" in the 1966 film Gumnaam (original version here)

Often, it seems like YouTube users get excited about Indian music and Bollywood for the wrong reasons. There's a kitsch factor: look at these stoooopid Indian people trying to rip off Michael Jackson! But I think this is something a little different: the juxtaposition takes the frenetic dance steps and the fact that everyone is wearing masks, and makes it into something slightly ominous.



Blogger Beth said...

It _is_ ominous. There's something about the masks and the almost possessed-looking movements that, when removed of their actual setting, is definitely weird. Primus's singer even has some swoopoing and sliding that's not unlike what Mohammed Rafi does here and there in this song (remember the stylized laughing?). The effect is a spooky. (Then again, I startle easily.)

8:35 AM  
Anonymous EclecticMuzikMan said...

Thank you for posting my video and spreading it around. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, if only in an awkward way.

Feel free to rate the video on its orginal YouTube page! Like, maybe, a five...


11:28 PM  

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