Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Ferberizers vs. the Bleeding Hearts

We're more bleeding hearts than Ferberizers, though apparently both methods of getting babies to sleep are equally effective, as long as they're used consistently.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the easiest option is preventing sleep problems in the first place, through simple parent education, whether one-on-one training, group classes or booklets. Such programs typically encourage parents to have a peaceful, consistent evening routine in which children are placed in bed “drowsy but awake” to help them develop independent sleep skills. Three well-designed randomized trials have found that the babies of parents who had such training slept significantly better than those whose parents did not. (link)

Hm, these "teach me how to get my baby to sleep classes" sound great, though I'm not sure we would actually ever go.

Meanwhile, I'm interested to know there is a whole sub-field of medicine devoted just to sleep -- sleep medicine.


Anjali said...

Yes, consistency is the key :> I've counseled families on this numerous times, and it's wonderful -- consistency is a much better message than you should do this or you should do that.

hope things are going well with your new baby!

3:31 AM  
Archana said...

That article was fantastic - I saw it last week and was intrigued by the value of consistency. Speaking of sleep medicine, just saw the scariest piece on CNN about sleep paralysis - you should check it out.

10:43 PM  

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