Monday, December 26, 2005

Save the tired cliches for the end of the article

Another article on Indian engineers who are returning home. Best quote:

His neighbor Mr. Swamy is immersed in building a Silicon Valley-style team in Bangalore, but with some local adjustments. When he learned that the company routinely received calls from prospective fathers-in-law of employees, asking to verify their ages, titles and salary details, Mr. Swamy wrote a memo titled "HR Policy on Disclosing Employee Information to Prospective Fathers-in-Law."

"While I want to be entirely supportive of ensuring that our confidentiality agreement does not result in your missing out on the spouse of your dreams," Mr. Swamy said, "I don't want competitors to use this as a ploy to get at sensitive information."

Ah, business-speak -- that uncharming conglomeration of tired clichés ("spouse of your dreams") and bad Latinate jargon.


Niraj said...

Thanks for the link to the article, it was a great read.

What I like to know is: why did these people return to India in the first place?

They live gated communities, live US-like lifestyles, work in US-styled in companies, yet they claim to be Indian.

They may be physically in India, but not mentally. They might as well not left silicon Valley at all.

It's all bullshit as far as I'm concerned.

1:21 PM  
AMD said...

People all over India of various socio economic means live in gated or private communities. India is a tremendously diverse place, and a lot of people look to live amongst people whom they would be most comfortable. Vegetarian Societies, Muslim Societies, Sindhi Societies, Reliance Employees, Parsi Colonies etc., etc. etc. To believe that the only thing Indian about India is where one lives, says more about your own prejudices more than anything else.

5:50 AM  
chhichi said...

This story is mischievous.

Meerut is in Uttar Pradesh. UP is not governed by the Hindu Right. It is in the hands of ultra left Mulayam.

So the story should have been "Ultra left communists and socialists ban romance in Uttar Pradesh"

8:15 PM  

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