Thursday, October 20, 2005

Goonda No. 1?

Say it aint so, Govinda!

The low-brow (and proud of it) Bollywood actor Govinda, lately a Member of Parliament in the Congress party for north Bombay, may have been hobnobbing with gangsters in Dubai. And not just any gangsters -- Dawood Ibrahim himself! Mr. D.

Apparently there is a videotape. With their sense of irony firmly challenged, the BJP is demanding immediate action. (You can't make this stuff up)

On the other hand, on this blog, Congress officials are quoted as saying that the video is from before 1993. Dawood Ibrahim wasn't known as a super-criminal until after the Bombay blasts, so it's not as bad as it might look.


Qalandar said...

The IE article has Givinda claiming the tape is from 1988. To be fair, at that point probably half the industry would have met with Dawood Ibrahim...

10:54 AM  
Amardeep said...

Yes, once you find out it's before 1993 -- and well before Govinda ever got involved in politics -- it begins to seem kind of small.

12:59 PM  
GoodLookiN! said...

If he had stayed away from politics, it wouldn't have been an issue. If he is willing to fly to Dubai and dance for Dawood to save his skin, it doesn't speak much of his character.

The arguemen that, "everyone seems to have done, so what wrong.." is a weak one. Aamir Khan, Preity Zinta, Amitabh etc. are people who have said no and took a stand openly against it.

It's mostly the once who are weak or have taken favours from the underworld to finance their movies or get them roles that have to pay the price.

This is going to have a serious impact on Govinda, Dawood Ibrahim killed over 200 people in the Mumbai blasts. As an Indian who votes regularly, I certainly don't want to see someone who wines and dines with the 'D' company sitting in the Lok Sabha,

3:53 AM  
Olinda said...

Oh, Chichi, say it isn't so!

But really, will anything come of it? Will it affect his new career?

I doubt it.

People in the public eye, in India and elsewhere, seem to have an amazing capacity for denying even that which is plainly visible or audible on tape, and to skate on by, unharmed.

12:23 AM  

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