Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Catching up on the blogroll

It's been nearly two months since I reciprocated links. Happily, I can report they've been months during which this blog has grown a bit in readership.

I'm adding the following blogs (that link to me) to the blogroll. Many of these are newer blogs that could use visitors, so do click. Quite a number are by Indians (including people in India, NRIs, and PIOs); the Indian blogosphere seems to be growing pretty rapidly right now.

Indian Writing
Vikrum Sequeira
Scribbler's Delight
Vikram Arumilli
Jay/Badmash (not to be confused with the cartoonist)
Rajpal Sidhu
Bollywood Rumors
Naach Gaana
Suhail Kazi
Michael Higgins
Curious Gawker
Melange/Hurry to Hari
Splenderful Chronicles
Prashant Mullick
Umair Muhajir
We Who Love To Be Astonished
Jonathan Goodwin
Thing, Place, Creature...
Arzan Wadia
Curry Man
Reliable Signs
Because, it's like that only
Marginal Notations

Some blogs I'm adding don't link to me, at least, I don't think so. But they are people I discovered (or rediscovered) over the past month through Sepia Mutiny:

Mais Non
Punjabi Boy
Gene Expression
Nina Paley
Kush Tandon

If I missed you, please don't be embarrassed to remind me in the comments.


A couple of wonderful blogs I can't believe I skipped:


And some blogs that are new to me that I missed:

Sonia Faleiro
Madhu Nair
The Poetry Blog
Sri Ganesha's Tea and Book Stall


Michael Higgins said...

Hi Amardeep
Thank you very much for listing me on your blogroll. I appreciate it. And you spelled my name correctly, that's very good.

1:28 PM  
saurav said...


3:17 PM  
Rohit Karn Batra said...

Yes, thanks Amardeep!


3:27 PM  
Kush Tandon said...


Tonight, I'll add you to my Favorites on my blog. I think I can blogroll too.

Thank you.



4:30 PM  
poetzie said...

Thanks too. I added you to my class roster last week, I believe :) (Sorry, I'm in teacher mode right now. . .)

4:40 PM  
Vishnu said...

Thanks, Amardeep for a link to my blog!

4:42 PM  
Taupe said...

hmmm, since you mention it:
I discovered your site and linked to it about a week ago...
We share an interest in Orwell.

Regards Taupe

7:22 PM  
Anonymous said...

Oh, Amardeep, I've been meaning to link to you! Oops. I loved your guest blogging, absolutely loved it.



8:08 PM  
RajpaL said...

Thanks for listing me in the blogroll.

11:19 PM  
shibudada said...

oh cool; thanks Amardeep. Theres a lot to read up from your past posts. (currently reading your june 04 post on Kashmir. As a kashmiri pandit born in srinagar, the post instantly caught my attention. your discussion with Kumar was intriguing. )

otherwise, i find your bollywood movie reviews particularly interesting; and your scholarly rhetoric makes it well worth the time it takes to read all your posts and opinions.

12:15 AM  
ginza said...


12:37 AM  
Jabberwock said...

You've linked to some blogs twice and I'm still a pariah! *sulk sulk*

1:30 AM  
brimful said...

Thanks for the link, and I shall reciprocate (it takes me forever to update my links)- I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!

It has really been a pleasure getting exposed to your writing regularly through your guest stint at SM.

3:03 AM  
Amardeep said...


Wow, I can't believe I missed you. Will be corrected. (I've been reading you via Bloglines for many months.)

And some blogs are linked twice? That should probably be fixed too.

7:40 AM  
Anand said...

Amardeep - Once again you have shown your truly 'blog' leadership qualities. Let me be frank, and let me tell you that if I did not get the kind of encouragement that I got from your blog in my initial months, probably I would have quit blogging by now.

Can I also suggest a few links for you to consider?

1. Siddharth Varadarajan. Of course you know about him as you yourself have linked to his articles several times.

2. Nanopolitan by T.A. Abinandanan, a physicist with IISc. You might find his blog interesting as he has a lot of insightful posts on Indian education scenario.

3. Spanish In India, a blog by my friend and former colleague, Pablo Gastesi. A lot of tech related posts. He's been writing a blog treatise on Linux these days!

4. Anamika. This one is also due to a friend of mine -- Nandakumar. Please check it out and see whether you find it interesting.

9:57 AM  
arZan said...


Thanks for linking. I've enjoyed your blog for a long time.

if you are ever in the NYC area, do give a shout, and we could meet up.

2:19 PM  
Samuel said...

This is embarassing, but you've been on my blogroll for a while. :)

9:11 PM  
Madhu Nair said...

Thank you Amardeep for listing my blog.

10:22 PM  
Sonia Faleiro said...

Love your blog. Delighted to be linked. :)

2:38 AM  
Indira said...

Hi Amardeep,
Thanks for the link ! :)

2:43 PM  
maisnon said...

Thanks for the link-age, Amardeep.

Once my life is a little more stable, I'll be updating my blog and revamping my blogroll :)

11:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

....And all along I thought you hated my blog!!! Thanks for the link!


10:46 AM  
Vikrum said...


Thanks for adding me to your links. Not to be pedantic, but I noticed that you spelled my name "Vikram" (the traditional way). I spell my name "Vikrum".

Right now I am on the road and do not have time to update my template... when I am back in Bombay I will add you to my links.

Thanks again,


3:16 PM  
Vikram Arumilli said...

Thanks, Amardeep

3:26 AM  

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