Thursday, June 09, 2005

Speaking of MP3s: Beethoven at the BBC


Mandar said...

hi amardeep!
thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
well, my frustration about that article was largely due to the apathy and taken-for-granted attitude of the west towards India.
plus, the headline read "Hindu leader in India quits over remarks in Pakistan". I was irked by the headline. Couldn't it just have been "Opposition leader in India quits ..."?
i was not aware of the fact that advani did lead the bunch of hoolgans to ayodhya to demolish babri masjid. news about communal riots is something that i dont like to read. so...
anyways, i am sorry about that.
somini sengupta may be working for a major US newspaper. but the headline that she gave to her article certainly doesnt convey the right image about India. there was a very communal touch to the headline.. linking a "hindu" individual with a statement that he made in pakistan, of his own free will!
thanks again.

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