Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Monsoon and the Stock Market

It seems to happen every year -- the stock market peaks as the monsoon breaks in Bombay. I visualize happy stock traders dancing at the BSE, while barefoot children dance on the pavement outside.

Bombay is lucky. In the rest of India, it's damn hot. 122 degrees! (Sorry if that scares you, Ms. World -- it should be a bit cooler by the time you get there...)

Wimbledon is on. Indian tennis star Sania Mirza won in the first round yesterday. Go Sania! Now that you are possibly the biggest sports star in India, it's time for you to actually win some matches!

And in Gurgaon, outside of Delhi, they are planning to build the biggest shopping mall in the world, despite the fact that revenues and traffic are down at the other malls around Delhi. Hard to get excited about that, but there it is.

All this (well, except the heat wave in the north) makes me want to go to India. Unfortunately, our trip is probably going to be postponed until December.


anangbhai said...

Large shopping malls eh? When are the gated communities and the Mcmansions going up?
Armed guards at every gate, taking down your name and asking who you're here to visit. Sure makes me feel secure here. Thanks for the extra security mom and dad.
Gurgaon Valley Girls go WILD!!!!

10:07 PM  
Amrit said...

People in India are not very comfy about shopping at the malls. At the most they'll do window shopping or watch movies in the encapsulated multiplexes. They still prefer to buy things at their neighborhood shops, in CP, in Sarojini Nagar or in Central Market (I'm talking about Delhi). A few courageous ones with lots of disposable income go to South Ex.


2:37 PM  
Ms. World said...

Shopping malls in India! I`ll refrain from commenting on this phenomena.

2:12 AM  

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