Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wh'appen? Short story recommendation

I wanted to point people to my man Harpreet Singh Soorae, a young writer from the UK. His short story, "The Man With No Name," is up at Another Subcontinent for the next month. It has an interesting alternately anxious/relaxed rhythm to it, which I think may be familiar to the other desi slackers out there.


Ms. World said...

I enjoyed the story. Thanks for referring me to yet another website that I can read when I`m suppose to be planning lessons in hopes of beating ``the foreigner`s`` tongue into the heads of my horny students. VIVA AMARDEEP!

2:05 AM  

harpreet writes some excellent stories keep it up the sooraez r wid u all the way

4:21 AM  

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