Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ankle Monitors or Jail?

Which would you take, the electronic ankle monitor or jail for three to six months? As much as it sounds crazy, I would probably prefer the Department of Homeland Security know where I am every single moment of the day than be locked in a cell while I was waiting for my case to be heard.

Listen to Sarah Berry's choice on NPR (via Crooked Timber).

And why is this Liberian woman being deported? DHS turned down her application for asylum (she was gang raped and her family members were murdered back in Liberia; guess that's not serious enough).

Now she's been here for ten years, and is married to a U.S. citizen... So it's only timely and appropriate that she is about to be deported.


Ms. World said...

I`ll take the ankle monitors too! Jail is hell! There is no Starbucks in jail (not yet ;).

I wish our country had refuge & asylum seeking policies that made sense. I believe there are individual immigration policies for the following groups: Cubans, people from European countries & Canada, Muslims and people from countries with an Islamic identity, Brown people who aren`t highly skilled professionals, Black people, Black people from Haiti, Brown people who aren`t highly skilled professionals and speak Spanish, and people who may be preceived as Arabs because Americans don`t know nothing about Arabs or Muslims for that matter (Sikhs). Now I`m really depressed

10:06 PM  
TJ Barnes said...

Jail sucks bad. I will take an ankle monitor over JDC anytime. Even though your po knows where you are at at all times, atleast im able to sleep in my own bed and use my own stuff

12:38 PM  

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