Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Pamuk to be charged for speaking the truth

[I'm starting to catch up on my blog reading!]

Literary Saloon reports: In a case of life imitating fiction, Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk is being charged with insulting Turkey. He told a German interviewer that "30,00 Kurds and 1 million Armenians had been killed" by the Turkish military in the past.

It sort of fits the content of Pamuk's stories. I'm looking forward to his next novel, which I would suggest could be titled "The Trial."


coolie said...

When Hitler was confronted with the implications of eliminating every Jew in Europe he was reported to have said:

"Why should it matter? Who remembers the Armenians?"

If Turkey wants to be admitted to the European Union it should acknowledge this part of its history and show the same kind of introspection post war Germany and Japan have shown.

5:43 PM  
handan said...

why not first PROVING the so-called Armenian genocide and then discussing the introspection to be shown? The point is, Turkish government does not accept that there had even been such a genocide. What is "the truth"? There is no proven truth and you are writing "Pamuk to be charged for speaking the truth". you guys' ignorance is repulsive. Recently Turkish government offered initiating a joint research (Armenian-Turkish) on this matter by opening its archieves but Armenian side did not accept the offer. why? because they do not have guts to open the history archives. why? because their "truth" is a huge lie. Read Justin MacCarthy's book on this issue. And we all know that resolutions taken by several countries' parliaments concerning the Armenian genocide claims were politically motivated. So, people please try to avoid sounding so prejudiced, and worst of all, ignorant.

9:23 PM  

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