Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Joy of Moving

1. Joy: Driving a big truck for a couple of hundred miles, even an under-powered rental with automatic transmission.

2. Not a joy: While turning a sharp corner in the big truck mentioned above, I scratched a parked Mazda Protege. Being a citizen of the world (and not a libertarian), I placed a note under the wiper. Luckily, I think the truck rental company's policy should cover things.

3. Joy: Having a new place in which to hang out. A change of scenery.

4. Not a joy: Doing endless amounts of packing, planning, carrying, stuffing, taping, stuffing, trying-not-to-break, breaking-anyways, and getting everything of importance mysteriously misplaced. Wearing down one's back carrying a few too many boxes of books.

5. Joy: Hanging out with friends in new location, soon after moving.

6. Not a joy: Losing access to a world-class library at the old place, and all the walkable cafes and used bookstores.

7. Joy: Having a large window with trees to look at in the new place (yes, there are still some trees in New Jersey). A bit more peace and quiet overall.

8. Not a joy: Spending six hours with two different cable guys over two days, who couldn't find the mysterious "box" that would bring the new apartment internet access, TV, and VOIP service. (We are joining the VOIP revolution.)

9. Joy: Discussing Iraq politics with one cable guy, a Puerto Rican Jerseyite who served in the first Gulf War. He had vivid stories about the "big bluff" and the highway of death, in which many civilians were killed as well as retreating soldiers. He says he's pretty sure he saw the bodies (charred skeletons, really) of children in the bombed-out cars on the side of the highway.

Ok, this wasn't exactly joyful, but it's yet another bit of anecdotal evidence in support of the mystique of The Cable Guy.

10. Not a joy: The temptation of cable TV when one has numerous articles to write, a book to finish, and classes to teach.

11. Joy: Jon Stewart, without having to download him from Lisa Rein. (Did anyone catch his take-down of "The Gates"?)

12. Not a joy: Utter exhaustion.


Ms. World said...

I`m glad to hear that your move went well. I loved the list too!

8:44 PM  
Ms. World said...

I`m glad to hear that your move went well. I loved the list too!

8:45 PM  
Ms. World said...

I didn`t mean to leave 2 comments! I don`t understand blogger.

8:45 PM  

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