Thursday, November 18, 2004

Damn clever: Google scholar Damn clever. Scholars are increasingly prone to googling subjects before going to library catalogs, World-CAT, or the MLA Bibliography. Google is just faster, simpler, and more up-to-date than slow, CD-ROM based databases that require log-ins and proxy servers. If you can find a book on a topic you're looking for through Google, why go to the library website?

Of course, that short-cut often creates a problem, which is that you get a lot of personal websites when what you really want to know is: who's published something serious on this? As much as I enjoy doing this blog and am pro-blogging in general, sometimes you want books, not blogs. fixes that problem, and cuts out anything that isn't a journal or a book pub.

Also: one neat thing about is, it gives you links to the people who cited each entry.

I tried Secularism: see the 3000 hits? That's why my book is taking so long to finish. I'm happy to say I've read most of the books on the first page, though. Interesting how many of the top hits relate to Turkey and India!


Kumar said...

Dr. Singh:

Yeah, it looks good, but doesn't beat my univeristy's access to online journals and databases...sorry, couldn't help a bit of local boosterism! The best thing about this search is the listing of journals and books--I hope that feature is adopted more widely.


7:08 PM  
Ennis said...

I tried it this morning, but it wasn't very good for my field :( I would welcome something that unifies all of the different electronic journals, even if it just unifies their bibliographic references. Nothing at the libraries works as well (full abstract search, no matter which press).

Hey, Deep -- did you delete my comments on Diwali? I mean, your blog, and your right to do so, but I didn't see them there, and was wondering ... I thought they had gone through.

9:35 PM  

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