Sunday, October 31, 2004

Small hybridity cuisine point: Pao-Bhaji + Pasta

Anyone out there ever tried Pao-Bhaji with pasta? I'm having leftover Pao-Bhaji (sometimes spelled Pav-Bhaji) with whole wheat pasta for lunch today, and it's delightful. Pao-Bhaji is normally eaten with bread rolls, but sometimes (as now) rolls are not available.

In case you have no idea what Pao-Bhaji is, go here. Butter can probably be substituted for ghee.

(I also need to credit the person who made the Pao-Bhaji to begin with... she knows who she is)


Rajeev said...

Hi Deep,

I heard about the Pav Bhaji - am sure it was great :-) She also makes awesome malai kofta, if she hasnt already cooked that for you :-)

BTW, I just got Edward Said's The End of the Peace Process yesterday. Have you read that? I will let you know how that looks.

- Rajeev

10:17 PM  
Rajeev said...

Hi Deep,

Nice combo :-) I am sure the pav bhaji must have been great...She also makes amazing malai kofta - has she made that yet? :-)

BTW, I got Ed Said's The End of the Peace Process - Oslo and After yesterday. Will let you know how that comes along.

- Rajeev

10:43 PM  
Ushnish said...

Actually, pav is the bread and bhaji is the fried stuff.

12:22 AM  
jeet said...

Is pao/pav cognate with the Chinese bao?

11:02 AM  

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