Friday, September 10, 2004

Documentary on widows in India

Widows in many parts of India continue to be treated quite badly. A U.S. based Indian director named Dharan Mandrayar is making a documentary on the subject, according to the BBC:

A new film called White Rainbows tells the story of four widows in Vrindavan - who were raped, disfigured and abandoned by their families.

It is based on the real life story of Mohini Giri, today, India's leading advocate of widows' rights.

She says the film tells the ugly truth.

"The atrocities are manifold - one is due to hunger, the second - no shelter - they have to depend on men who in turn molest them or take advantage of their vulnerability and the third is illiteracy - they are not educated.

Dharan Mandrayar, is the film's director. An Indian living in California, he says he was shocked to discover widows were still treated in such appalling manner.