Thursday, July 01, 2004

Poet Vijay Seshadri-- Interviews and Poems

An interview with poet Vijay Seshadri, in Poets and Writers. He talks about the mistake many young people make of trying to write like Beckett or Pynchon, and about the evolution of his approach to writing poetry.

See also: The Disappearances (originally appeared in The New Yorker two weeks after 9/11 -- it's actually on the Kennedy assasination). See also this online-only New Yorker interview

More Poems:

The Reappaeared (Contemporary Poetry)
Lifeline (Contemporary Poetry)
The Scholar (Dia Center)
Interview (Paris Review)
The Long Meadow (Poets Daily)
Superman Agonistes (WNYC; scroll down)

On the air:

WNYC interview


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