Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Blogs added recently

No post today, just links. Though I don't necessarily agree with views of everyone here, I find these blogs very interesting and/or entertaining:

Lost in Media (not a great interface, lots of great links)
Not Really Indian
Moorish Girl (probably my favorite books blog)
Cup of Chicha
Turbanhead (hate the title, like the blog)
Neil Gaiman (the great graphic artist)
Terry Teachout
Maud Newton
Chun the Unavoidable
Bob Mould (the lead singer of Husker Du and Sugar)
The Reading Experience
Margaret Cho (the great Korean-American, queer-friendly comic)

All of the above are added to my blogroll, so check them out anytime you'd like!


Kerim Friedman said...

Thanks for the link. I just recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it a lot. I haven't been writing much on my own site (Keywords) lately as I've been very busy with a project I'm working on: Designs on the White House. You can check it out here:


Margaret Cho is one of our judges!


11:02 PM  
Amardeep said...

Nice site. The best anti-Bush bumper sticker I've seen said: "No one died when Clinton lied."

11:26 AM  

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