Plant Nutrition

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  This activity has been designed to teach you about plant nutrition, and to get you to think critically about the concepts involved.  You are encouraged to be creative and use whatever knowledge you already have.  Follow the instructions carefully, don't move on until told to.  Follow along with your worksheet and answer each section completely.



What is it?

What do you think of when you hear the term 'plant nutrition?'  Break it down into its parts.  What do each of the words mean?  Talk it over with your lab partner and write what you think on your worksheet (A).   Your answers do not need to match, write what YOU think.  Don't forget to use what you already know.  Science is a process of building and evaluating information and knowledge.  You are all scientists in this class, start thinking like a scientist.


You may use the net to find definitions of the words.  Some good definitions can be found at dictionary.com.

Make sure you write the definition in your own words.

Continue on when you are finished.





Now come up with a hypothesis about how plants get their food and energy.  (If you need a reminder on what a hypothesis is, you know where to look.)

Consider the following:

What do plants need to live? 

How do they get these things?

What kinds of things do plants do?

How will plants accomplish these things?

Where do you find plants?

What do they look like?

Be as specific as possible.

(use what you already know about plants)


When you've filled in section (B), go HERE.


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