Plant Nutrition

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Congratulations!  You have formulated a hypothesis about how plants get their food to survive.

Your next task is to check your hypothesis.


In a moment you will be directed to some different web sites.  Don't forget about your assignment.  Make sure to come back here for instructions.


Go to the first site and check out what they have to say about plant nutrition.  Start on the first page of the activity (where the link takes you) and go through the first five pages of the activity.  There are five pages.  Do all of the activities on the pages.  You can get to the next page by clicking the page number, or click on "next."  Don't go anywhere other than these five pages.



Arrow pointing to numerbs at the bottom of the web page image.Navigate through the pages using the numbers, or click on 'next.'  The arrow indicates where to find the page numbers towards the bottom of the page.

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Start here.


When you have completed that activity (All five pages! Look for the page numbers towards the bottom of the

page), take your worksheet to this page.

From all the information on these two sites, did you get a good idea of how accurate your hypothesis was?

How would you change your hypothesis, using what you just learned?  Answer on your worksheet (D).

When you're finished, go here.

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