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Now that you know everything there is to know about photosynthesis, close your eyes.  Imagine yourself on a space ship.  Your ship's engines have failed and you are headed off on a course to nowhere.  You can only wait for the rescue team to come get you, which will be in another ten years.  Your replicators depend on the sub-space fields generated by the engine's dilithium radiation discharge and are malfunctioning.  You can only replicate inorganic objects.  You have only enough food for another three years, but you are determined to survive.

You propose to set up a super garden that will provide food for everyone on the ship, as well as grazing land for all the animals (cows and sheep) you are transporting.


Build the super garden.  Use your knowledge and the web to get info, get advice, etc.  Record what you come up with, you will have to explain to the class what you'll do and why. 

Be specific in what you intend to do:  What's the layout?  What materials will you use?  Where will the energy come from?  How will the plant get the things it needs? 


Feel free to use the web for research.  Some good sites to use are: the ones we used in this activity!

You won't find any sites that address this problem specifically.  Be creative!


Email a description of your garden (include a picture) to your teacher.  The description must be done with Word; the picture can be any format you want.  Be creative, be thoughtful...be scientists!


  Mail your gardens here


Other groups gardens will be available soon for all to see.

Now take the SURVEY!



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