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MSA is a set of plug-ins of multivariate statistical analysis utilities for Gatan DigitalMicrograph. The MSA plug-in package is commercialized through HREM Research Inc. More details of this plug-ins package may be available here.

The current package version is 1.2, which consists of following functions:

  • Import
    • EMSA spectrum series import
    • XED-SI data import
    • EFTEM image series import
  • Utilities
    • Bin SI
    • Spatial sub SI
    • Spectral sub SI
  • MSA
    • Weighted-PCA
  • Release notes
This package should work in DM version 3.8 or higher.

Information of the package version and available functions can be seen by selecting MSA>About MSA

The detailed description of each function can be also found in the help file, which comes with the package. From here, you can also download the help file.

Acknowledgements The author also wishes to acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation through grant DMR-0804528 and of Bechtel Bettis, Inc during development of this plug-in package.
All the tools required to develop this package have been supported by .


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