President: Pete Dupin

Perpetually sleeping on the job. Shameful.

Likes: Pillows, floral patterns

Disikes: Some other things

Vice President: Jordan Knicely

This is our VP. He's really a nice person. Honest.

Likes: Sparkles, rainbows, kittens

Dislikes: Photographers

Treasurer: Mike Washer

Voted "Most Likely To Embezzle" by his high school class.

Likes: Evil

Dislikes: Sunshine

Webmaster: Tom Miller

Trying to learn CSS, no clue about PHP (yet?) Is not going to be webmaster for too long (we hope)

Likes: Free internet

Dislikes: Rent payments

Club Cleric: ?

We are Clericless!

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Minister of War: ?


Likes: ??

Dislikes: ??!

Propagandist: Eric Holland

"Sorry, I didn't see him there... does the poster still look ok?"

Likes: Ubercon

Dislikes: Papercuts

The Impeacher: Nick Kruse

Not Jay Shipper?

Likes: Jay Shipper

Dislikes: Self. Fatty.

Former Officers and Other Classified Information

You are hereby forewarned that by reading any of the following documentation, you release L.U.G.S. from any and all liability of your subsequent spontaneous combustion. That is all.

Former Officers Constitution By-Laws