Who Are We?

We are a motely aggregation of mostly humanoid lifeforms, drawn together by an insatiable need to spend long hours battling other-dimensional monsters and solving twisted puzzles, sometimes so twisted that the game ends with a rousing session of "Duct Tape the GM to a Bench."

Why Are We?

The gaming club was originally founded in 1066 for the purpose of conquering the Anglo-Saxons. Unfortunately, the founders procrastinated horribly and were beaten to the punch by the Normans.

Seeking a fresh start, these intrepid spirits crossed the Atlantic to found a new colony in America, where they invented caffeine and Chinese take-out. Several attempts to usurp the government of the nation failed, not for lack of cunning or ability, but rather due to the gamers' tendency to redirect their energies to a LARP session or card game.

Club members have happily managed to keep their priorities straight ever since, and many of us are able to go for days without sleep in favour of a good gaming session.

Where Are We?

Monday evenings, 7:00 pm, in the Ulrich Center, back on the couches. There is a featured board game of the week and a plethora of other games to be played as well.

Why Should I be a Gamer?

I'm very glad you asked. This comic by aritst extraordinaire, Lauren Williams, can explain everything. (Click to read the comic.)