Is It Broken?

Welcome to the new version of L.U.G.S. on the web. I've taken over and I've got plans to enslave you al... I mean... to bring you up to date gaming club content utterly devoid of subliminal messaging of any kind. Promise. *cough*

In other news, there's a new board! Check them out on the Officers page. Also, we're going to have a game schedule going live soon, so your wonderful DMs can keep you in the know about where and when to meet during the week.

Calling All GMs...

Next school year is rapidly approaching, and among other things, our website is being _HAS BEEN_ overhauled. One section we hope to add is a schedule of all the table-top RPGs and other regularly occurring games that are happening on campus, so that interested members can easily see at a glance which games have openings (and GMs can post those openings).

So, if you plan on running a game next semester, please email with a description of your game, the days and times you plan on running your game, and how many players you desire for the game. (And keep your eyes peeled for the Schedule page to go live!)

What's Happening?!

The new website sees the light of day! If things look wrong, make sure you're using an un-broken, non-lamer browser like Firefox or Opera.

Surprise First Meeting! (But Not Really)

For those of you chomping at the bit to get back to gaming there will be a meeting tonight, Monday August 28th at the regular place at the regular time (that's 7pm on the couches in Ulrich, near the Post Office, for you freshman who have found your way here already, I commend you.) And if Jay's feeling especially frisky there might even be consoles available in addi(c)tion to the "Closet of Gaming Goodness (TM)".

The first "official" meeting will be next Monday, Sept. 3rd.

Hooray Freshmen!

First meeting of the year was busy, busy, busy. Rocking gamers rocked out with Guitar Hero and up of stairs a ridiculous game of Munchkin was responsible for an unimaginable number of kicked-down doors.

This entry is late, and I don't recall the second meeting except for attacking a lot of skeletons playing mid-evil. And earlier this week I was sadly decapitat... I mean, incapacitated, and was unable to attend. I sent Tom Miller (Saftey Monkey) as my emissary and bestowed "stick" on him for the evening, I trust all went well.

The club needs *your* help! We are missing:

  • Axis and Allies
  • D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook
  • Vampire The Masquerade sourcebook
from the closet, please email if you have any information about the whereabouts of these games, or return them to the closet post-haste.

In even further news:
The "Schedule" page is live at last! DMs, please post your game schedules and help keep your players in the know.

New Year Goodness

A New Year is upon us and with it, new and exciting Gaming Club developments. Ubercon attendance sparked a lust for new games and our persistent Secretariat managed to coerce El Presidente to dip into the club's coffers for some new goodness, including: Illuminati. So come play them! Thay are BRAND-SPANKING-NEW, after all, and you wouldn't want to miss out. Also, peer through the (admittedly small) looking glass into that which is Ubercon and check out what our minions were up against! Ubercon Pics

EPiC is COMING! Get excited and stay tuned for the EPiC website, coming soon to an internet near you! I have some special things planned, so: "Hold onto your butts." EPiC will be on the weekend of March 16th through the 18th. So cancel any plans you have and get ready for our biggest EPiC event yet.

Pre-Season Meeting!

The New Regime has ants in the pants! Join your restless Leader and jumping-up-and-down-a-lot-monkey Secretary and even my spinning-around-and-swatting-at-things Self for an evening of gaming before classes make an attempt on our lives (and/or free time).

Ulrich Student Center.
7pm. Thursday August 23

Who Goes There?!

In a heretofore unprecedented bout of .... let's face it: boredom, the website has been updated! "The New Regime" wants to game. Now. Therefore, there will be an event prior to the start of classes. Stay tuned.

Gaming Club Meetings!

Gaming Club meets every Monday at 7pm. by the couches in Ulrich Student Center. We'll feature a game each week, or come and play a old favorite or a new adventure from the closet-o-games.


(If you know what all of that means you probably should be outside playing in the sunshine with us more, instead of sitting in front of your computer.)

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our campus-wide capture the flag event a rip-roaring success. We had fun and we hope you did too! If you have a great idea you think we should play (outside, tabletop or any kind of game), let us know at

Site Updates and EPiC X information posted

Site updates across the board, fixed glitches in layout, More info on EPiC X and updated EPiC page.

Site Updated

Whoa, the webmaster is actually doing something. Updates across the board.

The new site is finally done

Yes, Tabin has finally gotten around to updating the web page, so you can all refrain from killing him now. Stay tuned as the rest of the site soon gets overhauled!

EPiC IX is less than two months away. In honor of this momentous occaision I will be overhauling the Gaming Society website between now and EPiC. The Game Archive will return and a better maintained schedule will be coming. The EPiC website itself is getting the largest overhaul with the help of Jay Dunn restoring the Pre-Registration. Stay tuned for great things to come! See you at EPiC.

EPiC IX is Upon Us

The Fall Semester was full of fun and excitement for the Lehigh Gaming Club with a number of D&D Games, new Console Games, and plenty of boardgames. The Spring Semester is now here and things are heating up as EPiC IX draws near. EPiC is the annual Gaming Convention hosted by the Gaming CLub. Every year we gather as students, alumni, family, and friends for a weekend of board games, card games, Anime, RPGs, and more! Everyone is invited to run their own games. Come play an existing game or test your home-brewed system. For more information check out the EPiC website by clicking the link above.

Welcome back for another year of Lehigh Gaming. The club fair attracted many new members this year and we are confident that at least 3 of them will stick around for the whole year. Woohoo!. Check out the Schedule of Events for information on this year's gaming. Come to our kickoff meeting this Monday, the 30th, in the Ulrich Center. Be sure to e-mail any questions or comments to our Secretary, Jay, at

Hey! The officers page has been updated with new back stories and pictures for all the new officers. Check it out, it's rad.

On Monday evening, the Gaming Club held its annual First Seder commemorating the Jews exodus from Egypt... wait no, I mean we held our annual elections. Whoops. Anyways, without further ado, the 2004-2005 Gaming Club Officers Are:

President: Hans Larsen
Vice President: Jackie Finnegan
Treasurer: Kevin Ulkloss
Secretary: Jay Shipper
Minister of War: Adam Gonthier
Webmaster: Rich Stein

Congratulations to those who won, or were appointed. The new officers will take thier positions officially at the Gaming Club meeting on April 19th.