All-purpose Update-ery

The year has officially started! Our first meeting went off without a hitch, except for the part where the webmaster was brutally murdered by a giant praying mantis.

Points to remember:
- Send any wishlist suggestions for games to
- Tell us about any games you want to run / play in. We'll help you set up a group!
- Never pick up a duck in a dungeon.

A General Welcome!

You found the Gaming Club site! We're very thrilled about it.
Meetings are every Monday night, 7pm, in Ulrich (near Subversions). We can also add you to a very nice little mailing list (read: large address book) and inform you of events / the Game Of The Week. E-mail us at to get added!

More Miniscule Modifications

Happy 4th! You get a frightening picture of the VP as a present. Check the Officers page.


Your ex-secretary and interim webmaster is providing a miniature update. All new material in the following sections!

- Officers
Still in progress. Bear with us.

All Points Bulletin!

You can now register to run a game at EPiC in the spring! Get over there and get registered. If you register before the end of winter break, you attend for FREE on the day you run a game! Register early for your benefit and ours, and, as always, if you have news or suggestions, send them to

EPiC is Online! And other fun things!

Get over to the EPiC Website and register for EPiC XII! Keep on the lookout for game registration and signups!

There's a new Steam community for LU gamers:
Email for an invite.