Teaching and Mentoring Activities

Dr. Frangopol is a teacher and mentor who committed most of his career in furthering civil engineering education around the world.  He is the founding president of two international associations (IABMAS and IALCCE), with a total of about 3,000 members from over 70 countries, where membership is free and the major biennial conferences are usually held on different continents; their objectives are to promote international cooperation in their fields for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of the society. Many students and young engineers are members of these associations.

Dr. Frangopol is the recipient of the ASCE’s 2016 Outstanding Projects and Leaders (OPAL) Lifetime Achievement Award for Education.

Courses Offered

University of Colorado at Boulder Lehigh University

Graduate Students Supervised as Research Advisor

50 PhD students supervised as dissertation advisor/co-advisor (48 completed their degree requirements), from which many are university professors and several are prominent in professional practice and research laboratories.

56 MS students supervised as thesis or report advisor (37 graduated with a thesis).

Yuan, Cheng, 2019, MS Thesis; Pascual-Ramos, Javier (Co-advisor), 2016, MS Thesis; Liu, Jie, 2016, MS Report; Martz, Benjamin, 2016, M.Eng; Kim, Bubryur, 2015, MS Report; Zhang, Lutong, 2015, MS Thesis; Peiffer, Brian, 2014, MS Thesis; Zou, Yingjun, 2011, MS Thesis; Zhang, Chao, 2009, MS Thesis; Marsh, Phillip, 2006, MS Thesis; Bradley, Chamberlin, 2006, MS Report; Buckmaster, Sonia, 2006, MS Report; Deco, Alberto, 2005, MS Thesis; Maldonaldo-Gonzales, Rene, 2005, MS Report; Saele, Thomas, 2005, MS Thesis; Matsumoto, Masato, 2005, MS Thesis; Goode, Jonathan, 2004, MS Thesis; Subbarayan, Sundara, 2004, MS Thesis; Miller, Aaron, 2004, MS Thesis; Omachi, Yoshiaki, 2002, MS Thesis; Kawakami, Yoriko, 2002, MS Thesis; Noh, Jinil, 2001, MS Thesis; Hanai, Taku, 1999, MS Thesis; Miyake, Masaru, 1999, MS Thesis; Frank, Dean, 1999, MS Thesis; Chen, Hung-Wei, 1997, MS Report; Nichols, Matthew, 1997, MS Report; Genz, Daryl, 1997, MS Thesis; Milner, David, 1996, MS Thesis; Durmus, Korhan, 1996, MS Thesis; Lunke, Anne, 1996, MS Report; Iwaki, Ichiro, 1996, MS Thesis; Stehler, Donald, 1995, MS Thesis; Johansson, Ola, 1995, MS Report; Ide, Yutaka, May 1995, MS Thesis; Steine, Gert, 1995, MS Report; Wilshusen, Brec, 1995, MS Report; Pranet, Woravit, 1994, MS Report; Khandaker, Lutfur, 1994, MS Thesis; Pytte, Erik, 1994, MS Thesis; Kang, Hong, 1992, MS Report; Chakravorty, Milanendu, 1991, MS Report; Burgess, Christopher, 1991, MS Thesis; Yoshida, Keito, 1990, MS Thesis; Teigen, Jan, 1990, MS Thesis; Tan, Nurhan, 1990, MS Thesis; Robson, Bradley, 1990, MS Thesis; Gupta, Rishi, 1989, MS Thesis; Abuasaad, Assad, 1988, MS Report; Scholfield, Mark, 1988, MS Report; Yen, Tzong, 1987, MS Report; Curley, James, 1986, MS Thesis; Trautner, Janice, 1986, MS Thesis; Aburayyan, Naim, 1986, MS Report; Hiestand, Gregory, 1986, MS Thesis; Nakib, Rachid, 1985, MS Thesis.

Current Graduate Students Supervised as Research Advisor

PhD students: Guimaraes, Hugo (Co-advisor); Ptacek, Lisa (Co-advisor)

Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Lehigh

Javier, Alexis (summer 2021); Golden, Trystan (summer 2019, summer 2020); Zirps, Melissa (fall 2017, spring 2018); Luster, Brian (spring 2017); Predmore, Timothy (spring 2017); Dudney, Sarah (fall 2014)

National Research Paper-Based Awards Received with Current/Former Graduate Students

External Expert for the Habilitation and Advisor, Co-Advisor or External Examining Committee Member for Ph.D. Candidates

Selected Short Courses Offered

    Invited Lectures and Seminars