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Structure and Infrastructure Engineering - International Journal

Founding Editor-in-Chief of Structure and Infrastructure Engineering - Maintenance, Management, Life-cycle Design and Performance published by Taylor & Francis Ltd.
This international peer-reviewed journal (launched in 2005 and accepted in 2007 by Thomson ISI for inclusion in the Science Citation Index), which is endorsed by IABMAS and IALCCE, is dedicated to recent advances in maintenance, management and life-cycle performance of a wide range of infrastructures.
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Structure and Infrastructure Engineering - Book Series

Structures and Infrastructures (ISSN 1747-7735, PDF) is a new series of peer-reviewed monographs, edited volumes and textbooks at post-graduate/graduate level intended for researchers, practitioners and students working on the assessment, design, maintenance, management and cost analysis of structures and infrastructures.

Structures and Infrastructures comprises high-quality publications on the research, development and application of the most advanced technologies for analyzing, predicting and optimizing the performance of virtually all structures and infrastructures, such as buildings, bridges, dams, underground construction, offshore platforms, pipelines, naval vessels, ocean structures, nuclear power plants, and also airplanes, aerospace and automotive structures.

The series includes mathematical modelling, computer and experimental methods, practical infrastructure applications in the areas of assessment and evaluation, construction and design for durability, decision making, deterioration modelling and aging, failure analysis, field testing, financial planning, inspection and diagnostics, life-cycle analysis and prediction, loads, maintenance strategies, management systems, nondestructive testing, optimization of maintenance and management, specifications and codes, structural safety and reliability, system analysis, time-dependent performance, rehabilitation, repair, replacement, reliability and risk management, service life prediction, strengthening and whole life costing.

Dan Frangopol is Editor of the book series Structures and Infrastructures (ISSN 1747-7735), including the following volumes.

If you are interested in contributing to this series as an author or editor, please contact the Series Editor, Dan Frangopol or the Publisher

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