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Latest version: 0.87
Built on: October 11 2011
Latest version of the library: SpeckleLib.jar
Latest version of the plugin file:

To install this plugin, place the two files above into the ImageJ plugins folder or to an ImageJ plugins subfolder. You also need Jama.jar placed in your ImageJ plugins folder. Restart ImageJ then go to Plugins, 'Compile and Run' to compile the .java file. Finally restart ImageJ and there should be a Speckle Plugin option in your plugins menu.

Source Code for 0.86:
The source is also available online as a GitHub code project, speckletrackerj.

Download this Sample Image for practice. The speckles in this movie move a few pixels per frame. So you may need to adjust the "Search Size" parameter of the model (such as Diffusing NCC) to be several pixels for successful tracking.

Basic functions such as adding speckles, modifying positions and reading/writing data files will work from version to version. Save the previous version that worked when you upgrade in case the newer version doesn't work as well for autotracking

Additional Plugins

The following zip files include both the source and a compiled version of the plugins. Place the zip file in your ImageJ plugins folder (or subfolder where you placed Speckle TrackerJ) and restart ImageJ to use. contains an ImageJ plugin for drawing speckle tracks onto an image stack. contains an ImageJ plugin for obtaining the intensity measurements found in the 'profiler.'

For any questions, contact: M. B. Smith, mattthebruce at or D. Vavylonis, vavylonis at