Speckle TrackerJ

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Speckle TrackerJ is an ImageJ plugin created for recording the position of numerous speckles as they move through time. Speckle TrackerJ combines manual editing and computer assisted techniques to accurately position, detect and track speckles.
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Speckle TrackerJ can be used to track particles that move in space by diffusion or transport, to find the location of speckle appearances and disappearances, and to measure the lifetime of speckles during a movie. The results are stored in a text file that can be used in other programs for data analysis. Speckle TrackerJ can also be used to track similarly featured objects.

This work is supported by the Human Frontiers Science Program and by NIH.

Reference: M.B. Smith1, E. Karatekin2,3, A. Gohlke3, H. Mizuno4, N. Watanabe3, and D. Vavylonis1, Biophys J, 101:1794-1804 (2011)

1. Department of Physics, Lehigh University
2. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Université Paris Descartes
3. Department of Cell Biology, School of Medicine, Yale University
4. Laboratory of Single-Molecule Cell Biology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Life Sciences

Contacts: M. B. Smith, mattthebruce at gmail.com or D. Vavylonis, vavylonis at lehigh.edu.