The mission of the Energy Research Center is to find solutions to national and global energy and energy-related problems by collaborating with federal, state and local agencies, energy businesses, technology developers and suppliers, the research community and academic institutions.

The Energy Research Center accomplishes this mission through its continued commitment to innovative research and development, while recognizing the important link between energy and the environment.  The Center brings together faculty and professional staff within Lehigh University to conduct research, foster partnerships between government and industry, provide funding, research and educational opportunities to university graduate and undergraduate students, and promote international research collaboration.| MORE >

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Lehigh Energy Update
(June 2017, Vol. 32, No. 1)
Smart Software For Flame Condition Monitoring and Optimization and Air Cooled Condensers with Thermal Energy Storage | more

Educating Overseas
ERC's Carlos Romero, Edward Levy and Zheng Yao traveled to Jinan City to present "Emissions Control and Performance Improvement For Coal-Fired Power Plants." | more