Selected Current and Recent Funded Research

Project Title Sponsor

On-Line Real-Time Coal Measurements Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Use of LIBS and Artificial Intelligence for Efficiency Improvements STAC-US DOE
Feasibility of LIBS for Fuel Analysis in Gasification Applications EPRI
Demonstration of the LIBS Technology at Bruce Mansfield Power Plant FirstEnergy and EPRI
Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Using LIBS for Gasifiers Air Products & Chemicals
Diagnostics and Control of Natural Gas Fired Furnaces Using Artificial Intelligence US DOE
SCR Optimization and Control for Reduced NOx Emissions and Improved Performance NYSERDA
Flame Signal Processing Smart Software for Tuxpan Unit 1 CIDESI (Mexico)
Improvements to Air Flow Measurements for Combustion in NOx Control Industry Consortium

Project Title Sponsor
Thermal Integration of CO2 Compression Processes in Coal-fired Power Plants With Carbon Capture US DOE
Use of Heat and Compression Heat to Reduce Penalty Due To Post-Combustion CO2 Capture NYSERDA
Photo Reactor for Growing Algae from Municipal Wastewater for CO2 Capture Ben Franklin

Project Title Sponsor
Development of Low Temperature SCR Catalysts

Industry Consortium
Combustion Optimization with Boiler OP of Panshan Unit 4 Xi’An Xingyi (China)
Combustion Optimization for NOx Control of Lakeview Units 1 and 2 Ontario Power (Canada)
Combustion Optimization of Monroe Unit 4 Using Boiler OP DTE Energy
Mercury Capture in Coal-fired Boilers Foster Wheeler
Mercury Emissions Reduction from Western Coals Industry Consortium
Screening of Sorbents for Mercury Emissions Control Covanta
Mercury Emissions Control at Brayton Point Unit 3 US Generating Co.
Boiler Optimization for Mercury Emissions Control Industry Consortium
Reference Method and Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitor Field Testing Industry Consortium and US EPA
Recovery and Regeneration of Activated Carbon used for Mercury Control PITA
Combustion Optimization for Particulate Emissions of Tuxpan Unit 1 CIDESI (Mexico)
Bridgeport Harbor Unit 3 Opacity Improvements PSEG Power
Modeling of SO3 Formation Processes EPRI
CFD Simulations for Designing Emissions Control Particle Injection Grids O’Brien & Gere
Development of Reduced Chemistry for CFD Modeling of the SNCR Process Research-Cottrell

Project Title Sponsor
Assessment of Organic Rankine Cycles for Waste Heat Recovery from Power Company

Southern Plant Flue Gas
Assessment of Potential Heat Rate Improvement Opportunities as a Part of an Industry Consortium Industry Consortium
CO2 Reduction Strategy for Coal-fired Power Plants Generation Efficiency Improvements ICCI
Combustion Optimization of a Unit at Huadian Zibo Thermal Power Plant to Reduce Emissions, Increase Efficiency and Minimize Costs Beijing TianYangTai Science and Technology Company
Improving the Quality of Dominion's Delivered Coal in Terms of Heavy Metals Dominion Power Generation Engineering

Project Title Sponsor
Fluidized Bed Drying of High Moisture Coals ICCI
Laboratory Testing of the Drying Characteristics of a High Moisture Coal
Harbin Boiler (China)
Characterization of Lignite/PRB Coals Blends and System Analysis
Great River Energy
Lignite Fuel Enhancement at Coal Creek Station US DOE
Improvements in Unit Operations for Off-design Coal-firing at Brandon Shores Station Constellation Energy
Improving the Use of Biomass in Coal-fired Power Plants NYSERDA
Coal Flow Control Balancing System for Sammis Plant FirstEnergy
Balancing of Pulverized Coal Flows to Burners in Boilers with Vertical Spindle Mills Babcock & Wilcox
Balancing of Coal Flows to Burners with Pressurized Vertical Spindle Mills US DOE
Installation of Coal flow Control Mechanisms at Edge Moor Station Unit 3 CONECTIV Energy
Combustion Improvements in Coal-fired Boilers through Burner Balancing PITA
Combustion Modification of Brayton Point Unit 1 & 3 for Fly Ash Unburned Carbon Dominion Energy
Early Warning Advisor for Uncontrollable Furnace and Convective Pass Slagging Babcock & Wilcox
Harrison Power Plant Air Preheater Fouling Control Allegheny Energy
Modeling of Air Preheaters for Deposition of H2SO4 and Ammonium Bisulfate Mirant Mid-Atlantic
Sootblowing Optimization of Bridgeport Harbor Unit 3 PSEG Power

Project Title Sponsor
Reducing Water Consumption in Coal-fired Power Plants
Recovery of Water from Boiler Flue Gas using Condensing Heat Exchangers US DOE and PITA
Use of Coal Drying to Reduce Water Consumption in Pulverized Coal Power Plants US DOE

Project Title Sponsor
Casting and Advanced Steel Technology Steel Founders’ Society of America
Continuous Cooling Diagram Development and Fusion Welding Of Eglin Steel SOW Science Applications International Corp.
Casting Solutions for Readiness Advanced Tech. Inst.
Fe-Cr-Al Coatings for Corrosion Protection in Boilers with Low NOx Burners
Center for Integrative Materials Joining Science for Energy Applications Industry Consortium and NSF
Tempering Behavior and Characteristics of Grades 23/24 Steels EPRI
Metallurgical Considerations in Reformer Weld Design Air Products & Chemicals

Project Title Sponsor
Supplemental Heat-Pipe Based Cool Storage System for ACC Systems Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) / US DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-e)
Geothermal Power Generation Using CO2 Captured from Fossil-fired Power Plants Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo/CONACYT (Mexico)
Technical Support for the Design of CIDESI’S Thermal Energy Storage System CIDESI (Mexico)

Ben Franklin: Ben Franklin Technology Partners of NE Pennsylvania
CIDESI: Centro de Ingeniería y Dessarrollo Industrial
EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute
ICCI: Illinois Clean Coal Institute
NYSERDA: New York State Energy Development Authority
PITA: Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance

Selected Projects
Modeling of Air Preheaters for Deposition of H2SO4 and Ammonium Bisulfate Mirant Mid-AtlanticUse of Coal Drying to Reduce Water Consumption in Pulverized Coal Power Plants US DOE