Faculty & Staff Publications

Mexico and Renewable Energy
Helping Mexico Go Green
Lehigh’s Energy Research Center is leading an effort to recycle the carbon dioxide emitted by fossil fuel power plants while helping Mexico boost its use of renewable energy sources and cut CO2 emissions. | more >

Short Course in China
ERC presents short course in China
ERC's Carlos Romero, Edward Levy and Zheng Yao travel to Jinan City to present "Emissions Control and Performance Improvement For Coal-Fired Power Plants." | more >

Molten salts help solar heat up
ERC and MechE professors Sudhakar Neti and Alparslan Oztekin, working with Coplay, Pennsylvania-based Dynalene, Inc., have developed and tested heat-transfer fluids derived from molten salts that can withstand temperatures of up to 565 degrees C. | more >

A material concern for energy
From solar, wind and nuclear to coal, oil and natural gas, says John DuPont, the solutions to the world’s growing demand for energy share a common requirement — a sound understanding of the principles that underlie the joining of materials. | more >

Creative Energies
Creative Energies
Energy research spans the gamut at Lehigh and is closely tied to environmental impact. Engineers harvest methane hydrates and chart fusion plasma flows. They work towards a hydrogen economy and solve complex power-plant challenges. Their goal: cleaner, smarter energy generation and end use now, and renewable sources for the future. | more >

Addressing the looming shortage of energy engineers
Faced with a greater need for innovation than ever before, energy providers across the U.S. have placed a premium on developing the technical minds that will shape their industry’s future. | more >

Coal Combustion
Optimizing coal combustion in China
China now leads the world in consumption of coal, says Edward Levy, former director of Lehigh’s Energy Research Center (ERC) and emeritus professor, mechanical engineering and mechanics, and is seeking outside expertise to enable its power plants to run more efficiently and cleanly. | more >

Greener Radar
A greener, more sensitive radar
Radar has helped us forecast the weather and make highways and airports safer, but radar, says Rick Blum, is due for a 21st-century facelift. | more >

Optimizing operations across engineering
Eugenio Schuster, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics and recipient of an NSF CAREER Award, can look at any type of system and visualize how it is being controlled. | more >

Energy Bills
With DOE, Neti helps plants cut energy bills
In work funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Sudhakar Neti, professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics, evaluates plants to determine how they can run more efficiently. | more >

Mercury Emissions
Modifications cut mercury emissions
Researchers at Lehigh's Energy Research Center (ERC) have developed a cost-effective technique for reducing mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. | more >