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We have been making these table-sized polente at Lehigh Field Camp for
the past several years.  Each year they taste a little better than the last. 
In the summer of 2007, in the Red Hills of Wyoming, with the help of my
staff, we made this; it was what truly could have been called an EPIC polenta. 

La Polenta:         grossolana
Il sugo ragu':      La ricetta Marchegiana, seconda la tradizione Frontale
Il sugo vedura:  La ricetta delle zucce, seconda la tradizione Field Camp
Il formaggio:      Parmigiano-reggiano, Val di Stirone, stagionata 32 mese
Il dolce:               Grispelli, seconda la tradizione di Serrestretta, Provinca di Catanzaro
Staff:                    Patrick Belmont, Joanna Troy, Dario Bilardello, Iain Barton,
                              Justin Stroup, Sara Pazzaglia (pictured).