Frank J. Pazzaglia

Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 18015-3188


Research Interests: Fluvial geomorphology and active tectonics, with applications to the Appalachian Mountains, Cascadia subduction zone, Colorado Plateau, southern California, Ecuador, southern Alps, and Italian Apennines; Quantitative analyses of topography using DEMs.


Professional Preparation:

Bachelor of Science in Geosciences, May 1986 from the Pennsylvania State University, Dr. T.W. Gardner, senior thesis advisor. Senior thesis: Geomorphic indicators of neotectonism of the Osa and Burica Peninsulas, southwest Costa Rica.

Master of Science in Geology, December 1989 from the University of New Mexico, Dr. S.G.Wells, advisor.  Thesis title: Tectonic and climatic influences on the evolution of Quaternary depositional landforms along a segmented range-front fault, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, north-central New Mexico.

Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences, May, 1993 from the Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. T.W. Gardner, advisor.  Thesis title: Tectonic geomorphology and late Cenozoic geology of the middle U.S. Atlantic passive margin.

NSF Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, 1993-94, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, Dr. Mark T. Brandon, research collaborator.




Professor, August 2007-present Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.

Associate Professor, August 1999 – July, 2007, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.

Assistant Professor, August 1994 – July 1999, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.


Five Relevant Publications:

*Pazzaglia, F. J. and Brandon, M. T., 2001, A Fluvial Record of long-term steady-state uplift and erosion across the Cascadia forearc high, western Washington State: American Journal of Science, v. 301, p.385-431.

Wegmann K. and Pazzaglia, F. J., 2002, Holocene strath terraces, climate change, and active tectonics: The Clearwater River basin, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 114, p. 731–744.

Molin, P., Pazzaglia, F. J., and Dramis, F., 2004, Geomorphic expression of active tectonics in a rapidly deforming forearc, Sila massif, Calabria, southern Italy: American Journal of Science, v. 304, p. 559-589.

Spagnolo, M. and Pazzaglia, F. J., 2005, Testing the geological influences on the evolution of river profiles: a case from the northern Apennines, Italy: Geografia Fisica and Dinamica Quaternaria, v. 28, p. 103-113.

Frankel, K. and Pazzaglia, F. J., 2006, Mountain fronts, base-level fall, and landscape evolution: Insights from the southern Rocky Mountains, in Willett, S. D., Hovius, N., Brandon, M. T., and Fisher, D. M., eds., Tectonics, climate, and landscape evolution: Geological Society of America Special Paper 398, Penrose Conference Series, p. 419-434.

* = awarded 2002 Kirk Bryan Award for best paper in Geomorpholgy and Quaternary Geology, QG&G Division, Geological Society of America.

Five Other Publications

Pazzaglia, F. J. and Brandon, M. T., 1996, Macrogeomorphic evolution of the post-Triassic Appalachian Mountains determined by deconvolution of the offshore basin sedimentary record: Basin Research, 8, 255-278.

Pazzaglia, F. J., 2003, Landscape evolution models, in Gillespie, A. R., Porter, S. C., and Atwater, B. F., eds., The Quaternary Period in the United States: Amsterdam, Elsevier, p. 247-274, doi:10.1016/S1571-0866(03)01012-1.

Wegmann, K., Zurek, B., Regalla, C., Bilardello, D., Wollenburg, J., Kopczynski, S., Ziemann, J., Haight, S., Apgar, J., Zhao, C., and Pazzaglia, F. J., in press, Position of the Snake River watershed divide as an indicator of geodynamic processes in the greater Yellowstone region, western North America: Geosphere, v. 000, p. 000-000.

Harkins, N. W., Anastasio, D. J., and Pazzaglia, F. J., 2005, Tectonic geomorphology of the Red Rock fault, insights into segmentation and landscape evolution of a developing range front normal fault: Journal of Structural geology, v. 27, p. 1925-1939.

Zaprowski, B., Pazzaglia, F. J., and Evenson, E. B., 2005, Climatic influences on profile concavity and river incision: Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface, v. 110, F03004, doi:10.1029/2004JF000138.


Synergistic Activities:

·        Co-convener of several technical sessions and Pardee symposia, Geological Society of America National meetings; co-editor of special volume (AJS, v. 301) dedicated to understanding of steady-state orogens

·        Co-convener of two national GSA field trip, two regional GSA field trips, and a GSA short course on active tectonics

·        Development of a mentorship program for Native American students in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, UNM involving students in field mapping and related geologic studies

·        Developer of CDROM and web-based educational software for interactive learning using geomorphology and surficial processes (With Dennis Tasa of Tasa Graphic Arts Inc.)

·        Interpreter education at National Park Service National Training Center, Harpers Ferry, WV.


Professional Affliations: American Geophysical Union, Geological Society of America, National Association of Geology Teachers, and New Mexico Geological Society


Editoral Contributions: Associate Editors – Geological Society of America Bulletin, American Journal of Science, Geosphere, Geografica fisica e dynamica quarter.


Research Collaborators (last 4 years):

      Bennett, R. (U. Arizona); Brandon, M. T. (Yale Univeristy); Coltorti, M. (Siena); Cowan, D. (U. Washington); Dramis, F. (Roma Tre); Eppes, M., (UNC-Charlotte); Frankel, K. (GATech); Gosse, J. (Dalhousie); Granger, D. (Purdue); Meltzer (Lehigh); Morris D. (Lehigh); Park, J. (Yale); Picotti, V. (Bologna); Reiners, P. (U. Arizona); Roy, M. (UNM); Selverstone, J. (UNM); Willett, S. (ETH);  Zeitler, P. (Lehigh).


Pazzaglia’s Advisors:

      Wells, S.G. (M.S.); Gardner, T.W. (Ph.D.); Brandon, M.T. (Post-doc, Yale University)


Students Advised and Post-Doctors Sponsored:

·        M.S. students (total: 15): Garcia, A. F. (UNM, 1996); Formento-Trigilio, M. L. (UNM, 1997);; Wegmann, K. (UNM; 1999); Wisniewski, P. (UNM; 1999); Koning, D. (UNM, 1999); Mitchell, D. (1999); Etheridge, D. (UNM, 2000, co-advisor); Pearce, J. (Lehigh, 2001); Newland, S. (Lehigh, 2001); Becker, T. (Lehigh, 2001, co-advisor), Frankel, K. (Lehigh, 2003); Laucks, J., Flanagan, S., Wendell, M. (Lehigh, 2005), Bennett, M., Wilson, L., (Lehigh-curent).

·        Ph.D. students (total: 6): Pederson, J. L. (UNM, co-advisor, 1999); Zaprowski, B. (Lehigh, 2001, co-advisor); Cascione, J. (co-advise, 2005), Galster, J., (Lehigh, 2006); Belmont, P. (co-advise; winner 2005 GSA-QGG Fahnestock award), Wegmann, K. (all Lehigh, current).

·        Post Docs (total: 2): Paola Molin, (Lehigh, Spring, 2001); Matteo Spagnolo, (Lehigh, Fall, 2003).