My family

Front from left: Lora Munley (sister), James Pazzaglia (brother) Hershey (niece), Me
Middle from left: Sara Pazzaglia (daughter), Kristen K Pazzaglia (wife), Diane Pazzaglia (mother), Alessandra Pazzaglia (daughter), Erin Pazzaglia (sister in-law) Vanessa Munley (niece) and Cougar
Back from left: Max Walborn (son in-law to be), Franco Pazzaglia (nephew), Noah Munley (nephew), Louie Munley (nephew), Rob Pazzaglia (brother), Giacomo Pazzaglia (son), Nico Munley (nephew), Rob Munley (brother in-law), Frank Pazzaglia (father), Rob Pazzaglia Jr (nephew).


Front from left: Evan Kase (nephew), Aiden Kase (nephew), Kristen K Pazzaglia (wife), Me
Middle from left: Laurie Kase (sister in-law), Alessandra Pazzaglia (daughter), Sara Pazzaglia (daughter),
Max Walborn (son in-law to be)
 Back from left: Mathew Kase (brother in-law), Darien Kase (niece), Giacomo Pazzaglia (son), Patti Kase (sister in-law), Geoff Kase (brother in law), Everly Kase (niece), James Kase (father in-law), Phoebe Kase (wife of James). 

What do I do away from Lehigh ?

ice fishing 1 ice fishing 2 ice fishing 3
Ice Fishing with my Dad, Giacomo, Matt, and Evan.

Family, birthdays, Easter, and polenta.

italy 1
Italy, Aeolian Islands from Vulcano.

Italy, Mt. San Vicino with Sandro Mariani.

italy 3
Italy, K-T boundary, Bottaccione Gorge, with Lehigh and Sandro Montanari.

field camp 1  field camp 2
Field camp (with the greatest field geologist in the world).

july1 blueberry  july3
Black Raspberries, Wine berries, Blueberries, and Visciole

august 1 august2
Canning tomatoes


Picking mushrooms with my cumpa'


wine sausage1 sausage 2
Making wine sausage, lonza, and sopressata with my Dad

Some old, but still fun family photos
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