Group Members & Contact Info
Dr. Israel Wachs

Israel E. Wachs

G.Whitney Snyder Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, Operando Molecular Spectroscopy & Catalysis Lab

7 Asa Drive-Sinclair Laboratory
Bethelehem, PA 18015-3128
Office: (610) 758-4274
Email: iew0 [AT]


Current Graduate Students (click name for student webpage)

1. Mingui Zhu (MIZ211 [AT]

2. Anisha Chakrabarti (ANC412 [AT]

3. Thomas M. Booth (boothm [AT]


Student Office: (610) 758-5149


Research Associates & Postdocs

1. Dr. Christopher Keturakis

2. Dr. Michael E. Ford (mef470 [AT]

3. Dr. Soe Lwin (sol2 [AT]


Visiting Scholars

1. Dr. Xiaohui Liu




Group Photo

Pictured from left to right: Julie Molinari, Soe Lwin, Chris Keturakis, Anna Pougin (visiting student), Charles Roberts, Peter Phivilay, Yadan Tang (held up by everyone)

Former Graduate Students (Last Known Location)

1. Frank D. Hardcastle (Arkansas Tech)
2. Jih-Mirn Jehng (National Hsing University, Taiwan)
3. Goutam Deo (Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, India)
4. M.A. Vuurman (Elsevier, The Netherlands)
5. H. Hu (start-up pharmaceutical company)
6. J. Dunn (BOC)
7. X. Gao (BASF)
8. L.J. Burcham (Congoleum)
9. Y. Chen (Penn State)
10. S. Choi (ABB Lummus Global)
11. T. Kim (Stony Brook U.)
12. C. Zhao (Huntsman)
13. E. Lee (Dow Chemical)
14. E.I. Ross (Lyondell)
15. H. Tian (DOE-NETL)
16. M. Badlani (Knowledge Think)
17. N. Arora (Dow Chemical)
18. D. Kulkarni (Philips)
19. D. Fein (Merck)
20. K. Hong (Hunday, Seoul, S. Korea)
21. F. Ciron
22. M. Kellner
23. S. Charue
24. P. Sanders
25. Kamalakanta Routray (Evonik)
26. Kevin Doura (
Johnson Matthey)
27. Charles A. Roberts
28. Julie E. Molinari (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
29. Peter Phivilay
30. Yadan Tang (Cummins)