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Name Pronounciation

I honestly do not care very much if my name is mispronounced, since I happen to mispronounce foreign names myself. However, if you are curious about the correct pronunciation of my name, here are some hints.
According to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), it is spelled as ['paolo bo'kiːni].
In English, it would be probably pronounced correctly if it were written "Powlo Bokeenee".

Degrees of Scientific Separation

Combining the popular "Six degrees of separation" theory with his overwhelming scientific production, some friends of the prolific mathematician Paul Erdős defined the "Erdős number". The procedure to compute this number is the following: to Erdős is assigned the number 0; all the people that have been co-authors of a scientific publication with him receive number 1; the co-authors of people with number 1 receive number 2 and so on. The same procedure has been applied also to Hollywood actors for the "Bacon number".
I obviously do not dare to define a "Bocchini number", but I thought that it could be interesting to see how far I could go with this kind of procedure. It turns out that at the second and third level there are already some giants.

Level 1
Ivan Bartoli
Stefano Coccia
George Deodatis
Dan M. Frangopol
Cristina Gentilini
Francesco Lanza di Scalea
Alessandro Marzani
Salvatore Salamone
Michael D. Shields
Francesco Ubertini
Erasmo Viola
      Level 2 (only a few)
Giuliano Augusti
Zdeněk P. Bazant
Raimondo Betti
Agostino A. Cannarozzi
Isaac Elishakoff
Bruce R. Ellingwood
Lucia Faravelli
Hitoshi Furuta
Lori Graham-Brady
Daniel J. Inman
Radu Popescu
Jean H. Prevost
Masanobu Shinozuka
Pol D. Spanos
Richard Tomasetti
      Level 3 (only a few)
Alessandro Baratta
Michel Bruneau
Michele Capurso
Fabio Casciati
Mario Di Paola
Giovanni Falsone
Roger G. Ghanem
Nicola Impollonia
Rimas Vaicatis
Fumio Yamazaki

Only the the links to Wikipedia entries have been included.
Any suggestions to improve the list will be very welcome!

Scientific Genealogy