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Research Group

We are establishing a research group at Lehigh University with focus on computational stochastic mechanics, modelling of uncertain problems in civil engineering, and applications to resilient bridge networks.

Paolo Bocchini

Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering

Group Advisor

Aman Karamlou

Research Assistant (group member since June 2012)

Resilience of bridge networks
Assessment of bridge fragility curves
Parallel computing for large simulation of non-linear time-history analyses under uncertainty

Personal Webpage

Vasileios Christou

Research Assistant (group member since August 2012)

Simulation of random fields for applications in structural engineering
Functional Quantization
Reliability and life-cycle analysis of weapon systems

Heba Elsayed

Undergraduate student (group member since July 2013)

Modelling of bridges and transportation networks for seismic resilience analysis

Cheng Tang

Master of Science student (group member since August 2013)

Seismic aftershocks: probabilistic modelling and impact on disaster management and resilience of infrastructure systems